Ef You Treyarch...


Maybe I’m a fan of irony but the evolution of this story always makes me laugh. The actor Lane Garrison who played “Tweener” on Prison Break is apparently going to real prison. From the story at zap2it.com….

“On Thursday (March 8), the 26-year-old actor was charged with felony vehicular manslaughter in connection to a fatal car crash in Beverly Hills last December that killed one of his three teenage passengers, reports TMZ.com. He was also charged with driving under the influence causing injury to multiple victims, driving with a .08 percent blood alcohol level causing injury and furnishing alcohol to a minor.”

The dude was drunk and ef’ed up.  We all know about that.  If convicted, he faces a maximum of 6 years in prison. Hopefully he can avoid getting soap raped in jail and being murdered in cold blood after his excape from prison like his character did.

Bauercount.com Esquire / Attack of the Show

As many close to me know I was contacted by a reporter from Esquire to do a story on the bauercount.com website. The end result has been posted on the web and I wanted to share. The story is similar (minus cusswords) to my blogpost “My Favorite Jack Bauer Kills“. Without any more delay!

Jack Bauer’s Best Murders: A Retrospective (esquire.com)

Personally I felt it turned out well. Sharon called me on the phone awhile back and I was totally unprepaired but we got though all the questions and in the end result is fantastic. I’m glad a lot of the humor from the site made it into the article like the notorious “Random Terrorist” and other various “Random” character names. Also puting the video links for every kill was a good idea I can imagine readers enjoying that. Hopefully they have quicktime/iTunes installed! A last name of “VanLandschoot” making a story in the Best Magazine Ever is quite impressive. Just another fun experience I never though would happen back in 2005.

Apparently Attack of the Show did a story on the site as well. The capture we have of the story isn’t as clean as the Fox 17 story but it’s TOTALLY worth the watch. Vanbergs was a pal and totally on a wim caught the story. Using DV we got the story with some humorous and NSFW comments. AotS blogged about the story and below is the youtube video we got. Also available as a higher quality .mp4 because youtube blows.

Fox 17 bauercount.com Interview – The Aftermath

Last night Fox 17 ran their story on the bauercount.com. The video of the interview is below…

Personally I thought the end result came out quite well. After all the grim news of the day I thought the story put together was humorious well spirited. The piece came out very much like the D.C. story I blogged about in January. They both talked about Jacktracker (oddly enough they are showcasing on the season 5 map, season 6′s has just been started) and both where quick mentions of functionality and purpose of the sites. The D.C story was more focused on the mentality of somebody creating a “fansite” where as the Fox 17 story was more informational and entertaining.

I was really happy it with what pieces of the interview they showed. The site today wouldn’t be what it is minus all the help I’ve gotten from others and for me that story focused exactly on that. The story was not a neccessaryly about me and for that I was very happy. I am really proud of all the hard work and time put into the site and these types of stories showcase that. In the future I should have the raw footage of the internet and will be posting it.

Thanks again everybody for the kind words this was really a fun experience for somebody who never expected it. I’m sure everybody has already scene the video on jja’s post but I’ll put it here for good measure.

My Favorite Jack Bauer Kills

As should be known I’m the CEO of bauercount.com; a website that tracks Jack Bauer kills while he saves the day in the universe known as “24″. This post may sound morbid but with Season 6 starting Sunday I wanted to give an exclusive look into my favorite violent moments from my favorite television series.

This post started in response to some of the comments on the site. People are saying what their favorite kills were and it just got me thinking. My list is not going to be in any specific order. When making “top” lists I always have a problem picking something that stands above and beyond something else. My “favorite movies” lists are always “my top 10 favorite movies” but I don’t think I have a “favorite movie”. This list will be the same way. I am picking my five favorite kills….countless spoilers for the first five seasons. Clicking on the first links will take you to bauercount so you can watch videos if a refresher is needed.

1. Season 4 Kill 38 Random Terrorist – At this point in Season 4 Jack is going after the Nuclear Football. His backup as all been killed thus he needs to use some Macgyver skills to get the advantage over the terrorists. He puts some bullets in a coffee can and uses it as a diversion to get closer to his target for a better shot. The enemy has a high vantage point and to get a head shot Jack says “hey” just so softly to get his attention then blasts him. A very hysterical kill.

2. Season 5 Kill 20 Random Henderson Commando – Violence like this sets 24 apart from any other network television. A polar opposite kill from #1 this is a very violent and cold death. Jack and Wayne Palmer are attempting to get Evelyn’s child in exchange for the “recording” and to clear the way Jack is just waxing people left and right to get into position to save the day. This random commando dies a brutal death… two shots right in the heart through the back. When watching this for the first time with vanbergs was a pretty big “holy shit” moment for me. I’m sure after five seasons it’s getting tough for the writers to keep coming up with ways to have Jack eliminate his enemy’s but this one was pretty clever.

3. Season 2 Kill 30 Aimless Kingsley Henchman – Why this list is starting with characters without names is awkward but of all the kills this one is just remarkable. At the thrilling conclusion to season two 24 viewers were given their first glimpse that Jack and whoop some ass in a fist fight. After getting the evidence needed to stop global warfare Jack and Sherry Palmer are trying to escape. Some brute comes around and stops Jack in his tracks. A fist fight occurs and ends with Jack wall running and breaking his fellow gladiator’s neck. Keep in mind for the last four hours Jack has been traveling LA having a heart attack makes this accomplishment even more amazing.

4. Season 3 Kill 9 Nina Myers – Some 24 fans may feel this was not a fitting death for Nina. As the number one foil for Jack in three seasons some didn’t want her to die. Others say it just should have been different. To this day I still think it was perfect. A select few know of my exploits the night watching this episode air. I think the perfect word to sum up my mood was “elation”. Again a cold and brutal death was the only way this would have worked. When accounting the shooting to CTU officials Jack said it was self defense. To the viewer this was retribution, revenge, and border line first degree murder. “No, you don’t…” so badass.

5. Season 1 Kill 7 Ira Gaines - I’m picking this one not for the actual conclusion but for everything before the face to face confrontation. The rescue of Jack’s family defines the term “loan wolf”. The first 12 hours of 24 will always be my favorite and the killing of Ira Gaines is the conclusion. Against all odds, sniper rifle vs Sig, Jack outwits Ira and gives him every opportunity to end the confrontation without violence. Ira feeling he’s screwed anyways tries to go for the kill and gets dropped. A fantastic sequence chronicled on bauercount for multiple viewings.

There are my five favorite Jack Bauer kills. There are many more I enjoy but my choices are the ones that stick out. Hopefully season 6 will provide fans with many more fun action filled moments. What is everybody’s favorites…anything I missed?

Press Whore Pt.2 – Harpers Mag Update

Back in October I mentioned I got interviewed by a researcher from Harpers Magazine regarding the bauercount.com statistics. The gentleman that spoke to me over the phone was really cool.  Mostly just verifying the information on the site is real and accurate. When we were talking he wasn’t 100% sure when or even if the information was going to be used. Today I went to Schuler Books and by golly they ended up using using the information in their December issue.

The piece they used the information in was “Harper’s Index”.  The index is pretty much just a series of fun statistics that somehow link together. Many publications do similar things….
Click to read

For the lazy they printed “Number of people U.S. counterterrorism agent Jack Bauer personally killed last season on the TV show 24 :38″

Also later in the magazine proper credit was given.

Overall it was a pretty fun experience.  I’ve always wanted to come up with an idea for a website that people would enjoy more then just my typical blog and photo websites. Also the amount of assistance I’ve gotten from on the site is staggering and many thanks go to them as well (jjafuller, Gun Bunnie and others). Almost famous?  negative……

24 Season 5 DVD Date/Contents

On tvshowsondvd.com information has been posted on the release of 24 Season 5 on DVD. I don’t think this is the FULL list of extras but finally they listed a date (December 5th) and a whole bunch of commentaries.

A US DVD cover hasn’t been announced yet (R2 Here and a R2 Season 1-5 Boxset with the coolest cover further down) but back in April fans could vote for what they wanted the cover to look like. HERE is a link with the five covers (I voted for the bottom left) so that will give a taste to what US has in store. Still waiting for firm confirmation on the Season 6 Prequel but I’m certain it will either be released on the Web or on the DVD….hopefully…

Those damned Chinese – 24 Finale Post

I’m sure a small amount of people have been checking this space to see how I feel about 24 Season 5. The 24 party at my home went as expected. Early in the day went to the driving range (hopefully a video ala “heroics” is in the future). At night I ate a lot of food drank some “Stones” and chilled out. The attendence was quite small but overall nice. Everybody had a confortable seat and who did show up was a fun bunch.

Now that all the hoopla has died down I feel AOK about posting my thoughts. After letting all the information sink in I’ve come to some conclusions. Season 5 was quite simlar to season 4. With Jack’s character in season 4 he was orginally fueled protecting those who he cared about ala season one. After the first six episodes he was pretty much “caught in a moment/middle” just doing his heroic duties.

Season 5 he was a different animal. Revenge and Retribution abit not coveyed much though episodes 3-22 was the backbone of motivation. To a degree he avenged the deaths of Tony, Michelle, Edgar, Palmer and innocents by almost entirelly thwarting terrorist attacks and murdering or incriminating a good percentage of those behind their demises. Sadly for Jack Bauer it once again comes at the expence of his humanity and happyness.

Overall I think I set season 5 above season 4 but I really do need to rewatch both at some junction. Season 5 pretty much delivered as being entertaning and a good extension of the story but season 5 failed on giving me what I was hoping the show would give. TV drama’s these days have this great way filming a finale giving the viewer a small glimpse of what COULD happen in the next season and not delivering in the least. Lost and Prison Break are a prime examples of this theory. After season 4 (to a degree the season 5 prequel) who didn’t have all these great ideas of new avenues the show could take. Jack Bauer is in exile WTF is going to happen? The same could be said about season 5. Who wouldn’t enjoy seeing 24 leave LA, have no terrorist plots, all the while CTU is a thousand miles away. All the while Jack Bauer is in China risking life and making new relationships in another country.

Sadly there is no way the show is going to deliever that. Also almost any fan can see that is not going to happen. Thus giving the viewer that impression is self-defeating. I’m sure next season we will see a slight tweak to Jack’s character and sadly I’m sure there will be another terrorist plot and more CTU bullshit. OK i just had to get that off my chest…..

Ok this post is getting way to negative. The finale was exciting and hilarious all at the same time. The opening action was kickass. Henderson getting owned/murdered was fantastic. Aaron Pierce NOT dying was nice change of pace. Jack showing that weathered psycho side and finally getting the best of Logan was again cool. Logan “completing” with his wife in a minute. Logan going “juggernaut” on his wife was a huge LOL moment as well. The Chinese FINALLY playing a factor was nice along with the IDEA of Jack being captured was well played.

Will I be watching next year…of course. Even with faults there isn’t another show on TV like 24. It’s a fun show. I laugh when watching it. Jack Bauer is without question the uber male and still the most compelling character on TV. One hour a week I have a good time and I can always expect my AIM to be flooded with yelling faces and people wanting to talk about the show. IMHO season six NEEDS to go in another direction. Maybe if CTU comes back they can have a “mobile” unit headed by Curtis, Chole and Buchannon. Maybe the terrorist plot can be smaller in scope. Bigger doesn’t always mean better. Oh well my readers can thank my absolute bordom at work for all this scribing.

Also bauercount at this point thought season 5 is a completed work of art. All the videos are updated. All the mistakes SHOULD be fixed. I may even help vanberge complete gamgeecount if I can get around to it.