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The Joys of a Netflix Blu Ray User Pt. 2

This time Netflix totally hooked me up…

Two new releases the first day of release sent to my house for tomorrow on Blu Ray. Fantastic Netflix thank you very much.

As an update to my previous post regarding Netflix and Blu Ray delays two disks I did end up getting in a reasonable time frame, three I ended up getting from a movie gallery, and one disk is still listed as “Very Long Wait” at the top of my queue. Getting close to the six month anniversary and I still haven’t received Paranormal Activity.

For the most I’ve been happy with the Blu Ray availability. Right now here is the top 10 of my queue so from here I’ll keep track again of what I’m waiting on and how long it takes to obtain these disks.

The Joys of a Blu-Ray Netflix User

The top six in my DVD queue on Netflix.

Regardless the service is still 100% worth it. According to feedflix.com.

$203.88/year you spend on Netflix

Your cost: $1.64 per DVD | With IW: $0.58

Yeah it’s a downer that new Blu-Ray releases take forever to get to you but with the increase quality of Instant Watch and being able to catch up on content while I wait for the new stuff it doesn’t bother me that much. Also with so much out there this is infinitely cheaper then cable television and attempting to see everything I want in the theater.

I Joined Netflix To Fight the Winter Boredom




Sign Please..

Looking at the source material I know I’m walking right into a publicity stunt for the most part but really this is something I firmly believe in. After recently watching “Hitman” and by default finding it to be the best video game based movie so far while watching yesterday LOTR:TTT I said to vanbergs “I don’t think they will ever make movies that are this cool ever again.” Then I said “If they made a proper Halo based movie they could”.

How in the world with so much good source material how is there not a true good video game movie?

Uwe Boll thats why.

Personally I’ve never seen any of his films but it’s always been a small personal goal of mine to see all the video game based movies. I’ve seen the Mortal Kombat movies and I own the abysmal Super Mario Brothers movie on DVD but never seen a Uwe Boll movie.

Today I stumbled upon this article quoting if a this petition receives a million signatures Mr. Boll will stop butchering video game licenses. I urge all to sign. Time needed was about 40 seconds. The likelihood of this reaching a million signatures is slim but you can’t claim victory if you don’t even try.

Media Overload

OK lets see here. On my bookshelf there are probably over 20 unread books I want to read. On my video game shelf I have another 20 games I still haven’t defeated. My DVD’s are stacked with unopened and unwatched DVD’s.

This is what I call Media Overload. I love reading. I love playing video games. I love watching movies. The problems is that there is TOO MANY good books, video games and movies to consume.

Keep in mind there are also other pastimes I enjoy: eating, hanging out with friends, updating my website, reading feeds, sleeping, working out periodically, vacationing, and hanging with Tepper, Gizmo, and Che to keep the list short.

Everybody I believe has queues of entertainment they don’t have the time to do because of there are already a million things everybody needs to do and wants to do and sadly everybody has to work sometime.

Personally I don’t view this as a problem but more of a discussion point. It’s a good thing in our day of age that we have so much entertainment available. Do others find Media Overload a issue? I’d like to hear some feedback mostly because I think about it a lot.

Burma Will Once Again Be a War Zone

After being absolutely blown away this Friday seeing “Rambo” I stumbled upon without question the best news of the day.


Words cannot express how elated I am with this news. All four Rambo movies are personal favorites and Sylvester Stallone once again proved that he is the best action star ever. Even at 61 years of age Rambo just takes the viewer in an unadulterated action extravaganza of violence and sheer male-hood. For the male viewer Rambo comes highly recommended from vanlandw.

PS – If anybody can pass along the song featured in the internet exclusive trailer I would be very happy to receive it. According to the IMDB FAQ Page for Rambo they say the music came from the score for the George Romero horror film, Land of the Dead (2005). Also if anybody has any news regarding the Rambo soundtrack please let me know.


There isn’t much else that can be said then what the image above hasn’t already told you. The DVD creators have finally given us a double dip that is worth a damn. A DIRECTORS CUT OF COMMANDO!!! MORE BENNETT!!! MORE VIOLENCE!!!

Words truely cannot comprehend how amazing this movie is. Everybody who has not seen Commando better be camping outside Best Buy September 18th. I will be picking this up for the Directors Commentary alone. Mark L. Lester better once and for all inform the public why Bennett is wearing chain mail in 1985. Best DVD feature ever…. “Let Off Some Steam Featurette”….life as we have known it will never be the same….