Ef You Treyarch...

Not Dead

untitledI am not dead.

I have renewed vanlandw.com for another year.

I hope I’m not entirely loathed by everyone.


Vanlandw.com Renewed

Renewed vanlandw.com for two more years so despite the lack of updates it’s not going away. Thanks for still continuing to stop by. Plan is to update soon and to fix a few of the things that don’t work eventually.

RIP – Google Reader’s Demise

Vamp: You, too… Immortal? 
Raiden: No. I just don’t fear death.

When Google posted in October 2011 the removal of social features from Google Reader the writing as already on the wall. Google Reader is not immortal and did not fear death.

Last week Google posted in July 2013 they will be “powering down” (putting to death) Google Reader entirely. As a “user” of Google Reader practically daily this is a rather big deal. As a “customer” of Google Reader I guess it doesn’t matter as they offered a free service and who knows if they ever made a dime off me.

Would I pay to continue using Google Reader? Yup, being able to browse to ‘google.com/reader’ anywhere is awesome and have all the sites I frequent up to date is important to me

Would I pay for a service that does the same thing as Google Reader? Yup, being able to browse to ‘googlereaderreplacement.com’ anywhere is awesome and have all the sites I frequent up to date is important to me.

Who gives a crap about this anymore. Google blowing away a free service lots of people still use is not news anymore. The big news is what will be the googlereaderreplacement.com.

 Death Toll ♫

Madness March 2013

After my host was moved to a new platform vanlandw.com did not port over in good shape. The shame is the fix was simple and should have been performed a month ago and for that my earnest apologies.

Things have been extraordinarily busy with no signs of relenting anytime soon and in some ways the worst is still to come. I’m Alive, and in reality all is good just a lot of changes I didn’t foresee came quick and from there things just pile up.

With the site in working order there are a few things I’ve wanted to post I will get around to if anybody is still around.

Happy Holidays 2012

Happy Holidays…

A Man and His Cat

Took this picture for someone special and decided to clean it up a little bit. To everyone else, I promise this photocrop was worked on while listening to the most masculine metal on the planet.

Fantasy Football 2011 – Championship

I dropped from second place last year to fourth and finished poorly with a series of consecutive losses. My performances were strong just nowhere near as strong as the top three in the leauge. Fourth place is where I belong.

Payner is apparently on his way to “becoming a hall of famer”. Congrats to the top three this year in a very hard fought and competive season.