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Friday Links – November 23, 2012

Taking a week off.

Friday Links – November 16, 2012

Happy Holidays everyone…

If Doom was done today (Part 2) (YouTube)

Also known as: Call of Dooty II: Green Ops

So good.


Running is merely your ability to fall forward under a stable body while shifting supports, or falling from one position to the next. If your midline is not stabilized when you fall forward and shift your weight from one foot to the other, the shock wave that is sent up your body will make your spine compress and flex.

Good primer and starting point for better and lower injury running.

Deftones – Koi No Yokan – ThePRP Review

Such an immediate lack of grit and tormented screeches may disappoint some; but the group quickly make up for the perceived lack of outward heaviness with an intoxicating sense of density. Almost all of the songs convey a rapturous sense of emotion. One that finds the burden of past regrets buoyed by the promise of future amends.

It’s awesome go buy it. Recommend getting the actual compact disk because the cover art is great. The comment thread on the story is worth sifting though. Start with ’Entombed‘ and and ‘Leathers‘.

How To Make a Truly Spectacular Cup of Coffee

…most coffee professionals prefer what’s often called the pour-over method.

After you get this step down everything else is a piece of cake, and don’t put your coffee in the fridge.

The Ghosts of Sony

For some people in Japan, Sony is already dead. The only question they have is how did Sony die, or who killed it, and how long will the spectre of Sony remain haunting Japan. It’s a pessimistic view of the company but it’s one reality in this island country.

The long read of the week and worth it.

Friday Links – November 9, 2012

“Not everyone likes holocaust humor.”  -Flo

→ Best VGM 1223 – Halo 4 – Haven (YouTube)

We’ll miss Marty, but this really takes the Halo atmosphere in a new direction. It’s lovely.


Not very far into Halo 4 yet and so far the music is not as iconic as the work done by Marty O’Donnell but this is a damn good track.

Case Studies | Spectrum Health | LED Garage Fixtures

By replacing old sodium fixtures with GE’s 60-watt Evolve LED fixtures, Spectrum Health will see a 67 percent energy reduction, using 1.6 million fewer kWhs a year.

The before and after comparisons are rather well done.

Retronaut Windows 95 Launch Day

*Guy going apeshit buying two copies of Windows 95 at midnight at Comp USA*

Worth the click though to see the photo of the guy going apeshit buying two copies of Windows 95 at midnight at a Comp USA.

1 in 3 Men Can’t See His Penis

After funding their own survey of 1,000 British men, the health advocacy group found that “33 percent of men in Britain aged between 35 and 60 years are unable to see their penis” because of their bellies.


→ Barack Obama And The Death Of Normal

And now, normal isn’t white or straight or Christian. There is no normal. That word, too, means less with every moment. And those who continue to argue for such retrograde notions as a political reality will become less germane and more ridiculous with every passing year.

It was an ugly election season in so many ways. Thankfully the best and right choice prevailed.

Friday Links – November 2, 2012

Full year of Friday Links. Hopefully at least a few people enjoy this. Still haven’t found a better way to share with people as existing tools just don’t archive to my liking. Here you can go all the way back to the first Friday Links post all the same as this one.

→ Do You Wanna Touch

Notice how the 2010 iPad 1 is already obsolete? Expect the same thing with the Surface RT. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the future, but it’ll be totally utterly obsolete in 2 years. Do not buy this device expecting longevity. Buy it because you want to see tomorrow today.

This is a strange trend for consumers. It’s shocking the public is adopting to this so willingly the idea of replacing your devices so quickly and accepting turnover so quickly.

→ So Nice

One of the trailers for Medal of Honor: Warfighter was the single most reprehensible piece of advertising I’ve ever seen in the gaming industry. Here, watch it yourself.

It does feel largely exploitative. This trailer is pulling on the emotions of “true stories” while selling Medal of Honor and Linkin Park. I’m sure they view this as a “tribute”.

The Known Universe | Hans Zimmer – Time (YouTube)

The Known Universe takes viewers from the Himalayas through our atmosphere and the inky black of space to the afterglow of the Big Bang. Every star, planet, and quasar seen in the film is possible because of the world’s most complete four-dimensional map of the universe.

Come for the music stay for the science.

CM Punk – Best In The World Documentary Part 3/8 (YouTube)

CM Punk on running.

Couldn’t find a better way to link to this but Punk explains better then I ever could the pull towards running. Basic quote but right on the damn money.

Death March: The long, tortured journey of Homefront

And Dave Schulman was a really good salesman at telling THQ what we could deliver, and turning back to us to say, ‘Hey, sky’s the limit. Just pack more features in. Make it great. Put as many bullet points as you can on the back of the box.’”

Same problem plagued Darksiders 2 and seems to be a plague much of THQ’s lineup. Good article game development sounds like a terrible industry for the most part. Not that IT is really any better…

Friday Links – October 26, 2012

Almost a year of Friday Links, hopefully everybody hates them.

Cellphones Are Great for Sharing Photos—and Bacteria

Boh Ruffin, a senior applications engineer at Corning Gorilla Glass, says standard off-the-shelf cleaning products, such as alcohol wipes, won’t degrade the performance of the glass, though he wouldn’t speak to smartphones’ performance directly.

Alcohol Wipes are something everybody should have available. Aside from monitors I use them to clean all my devices and controlers.

The New Face of Infidelity

Social networks are another factor, if only by expanding the pool of possible partners. Emotional friendships that turn physical are the traditional point of entry for female affairs. It is now easy for those friendships to take root online.

WSJ killing it this week. This is not shocking in the least

Republican Senate Candidate Says Rape Pregnancies Are a ‘Gift from God’

Another thing that did not go unnoticed was the ad featuring Mitt Romney endorsing Mourdock that dropped earlier this week. It was the first such endorsement Romney’s made for a Republican candidate, and it may or may not still be valid. Update: Romney’s campaign has not asked for the ad to be pulled

I’m sure everybody has already heard about this story already. How could any woman vote for Mitt Romney this election? Even as a man the Republican view on women is just repulsive this voting season.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé lose bid to Trademark Daughter’s Name

Jay-Z and Beyoncé have lost a bid to trademark the name of their daughter, Blue Ivy. The musicians’ petition was denied by the US patent and trademark office, permitting an American wedding planner to continue using the name.

They create life then give their child a name on hopes of making money off it. Parenting at it’s finest.

Amazon.com Announces Third Quarter Sales up 27% to $13.81 Billion

Operating cash flow increased 8% to $3.37 billion for the trailing twelve months, compared with $3.11 billion for the trailing twelve months ended September 30, 2011. Free cash flow decreased 31% to $1.06 billion for the trailing twelve months, compared with $1.53 billion for the trailing twelve months ended September 30, 2011.

Oh misleading headlines. The company lost $274 million on sales of $13.81 billion.

Ten Ways to Show Respect for People

Look at people when they talk.  Good listening means being willing to stop working computer, close a door, stop reading your email, or only answer emergency calls. Give the speaker your full attention, and let them know they are getting your full attention.


→ Defining Quality

Editor’s Note: This story is brought to you by the Samsung Galaxy S III. Stories like these are purely editorial, presented by a participating sponsor; advertisers do not produce them.

“Editor’s Note” is the new advertisement. Shame good story.

→ Brutal Doom: Knee-Deep in the Dead (YouTube)

My playthrough of the entire first episode of this classic game, using SGT_Mark_IV’s BrutalDoom v0.14 and DoomMetal.wad. No Commentary, just sit back and enjoy the violence!

Awesome new Doom 1/2 mod. ID should hire this guy and release this on XB/PS3 and make a killing.

Friday Links – October 19, 2012

Shocked these even got up this week…

James Bond Booze, bonks and bodies

Data compiled by The Economist show that of the six Bonds, Pierce Brosnan was the most bloodthirsty, bumping off an average of 19 baddies per film. The short-lived George Lazenby, it turns out, was the Bond for the babes, whereas Daniel Craig, the latest, is notably less successful. Maybe that’s because he drinks the most martinis.

Bauercount for Bond. Not as comprehensive but you get the idea.

Who’s the Boss?

Pay attention to your supervisors—and your own work in a supervisory role—as more than just a routine element of efficiency. Make sure your most promising workers are paired up with the best supervisors. And make it clear that teaching and learning are the essence of an effective boss/employee relationship. Good bosses don’t just crack the whip or deliver a pep talk, they deliver concrete improvements in workers’ ability to get the job done.

Sounds about right. Seems being a manager is more then just telling people what to do and expecting them to do it.

Facebook, Twitter apps no longer on Xbox 360 marketplace

Prior to the new dashboard’s launch, Microsoft hadn’t indicated the apps would be removed from the app marketplace. Despite the delisting, both apps are still included on Microsoft’s “Be Entertained” page that lists its Xbox Live service partners.

Facebook and Twitter on your TV” is still touted as XBL Gold benefit as well, but Internet Explorer being available on the 360 soon gets around this. $60 a year for Gold feels like they keeps removing features. Microsoft just makes a killing here. Keep in mind I don’t have either app installed it’s just wierd they are going away.

Let’s reconsider our “users”

The entire technology industry uses the word “user” to describe its customers. While it might be convenient, “users” is a rather passive and abstract word. No one wants to be thought of as a “user” (or “consumer” for that matter). I certainly don’t. And I wouldn’t consider my mom a “user” either, she’s my mom. The word “user” abstracts the actual individual.

Agreed fully particually with the part ‘no one wants to be thought as a user’. All IT people should read this.

Daily multivitamin cuts men’s cancer risk by 8 percent, large study finds

Turns out, a daily dose of Centrum Silver multivitamins reduced the total risk of cancer in study participants by 8 percent, according to gold-standard research that included nearly 15,000 male doctors older than 50 for up to 13 years.

Hulk Hogan from Wrestlemania 6 was right. Hulk Hogan from 2012 was wrong.

Can stress turn your hair grey overnight?

The puzzle of whether your hair can turn grey sounds like a simple one for medical science to solve, but it’s not. Ultimately, to study exactly what happens you would need to examine the hair before and after a shocking incident, carefully assessing its colour and thickness. Life-threatening situations are not only rare, but unpredictable and no ethics committee is going to let you induce a sufficiently terrifying experience in a lab volunteer.

Reminds me of one of the best moments in the TV show Millenium when Frank Black’s hair goes gray. As a reminder everybody should watch Millenium.

Friday Links – October 12, 2012


Louis C.K. and the Rise of the ‘Laptop Loners’

These days it’s different. The young — and the young at heart — bundle into beds, laptops and tablets propped inches from faces. They are snug in these cocoons, sequestered from all stimuli but those they source from screen and headphones.

Awesome article on the state of how we view media and the move away from appointment television like Lost and 24 to the ’I'll get to it when I get to it” television like Louis.

What Are They Feeding You? 50% of U.S. Cats and Dogs Are Overweight

By 2030, 50 percent of people in most U.S. states will be obese. Now the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention estimates that over 50 percent of dogs and cats are overweight, and over 20 percent are obese.

Worth the click though just to see the fat cats. The grey cat runs into the same problem my cat runs into. His fur is so long and thick it makes him look bigger then he really is. The mug shot of the dirty faced cat is going to become a new meme.

To Catch NBA Floppers, Look for Tongue Juts

The league aims to punish “any physical act that appears to have been intended to cause the referees to call a foul on another player,” an attempted deception that could bring a $30,000 fine.

Basketball players are just as bad as soccer players. Now they just need to fix the game flow issues with rampant time outs at the end of games.

Announcing Source Code Pro

Today I’m glad to announce that the complete Source Code family of six weights is ready for primetime and is available through the same channels as Source Sans. You can download the fonts and source files from the Open@Adobe portal on SourceForge.

Nice free font collection for writers and coders. For now this is replacing an old time favorite of mine Inconsolata

→ Work More, Make More?

The average employed Canadian works 85 hours fewer each year than the average American — more than two full workweeks. And that may be the lesson that Canada has for the United States: Working 24/7 isn’t the road to prosperity, much less happiness, and there are numbers to prove it.

Sounds about right. Working to die

→ Romney: People Don’t Die For Lack Of Insurance

The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act requires hospitals to treat people who show up with bona fide emergencies, or women in, as the name suggests, active labor. But it doesn’t require them to provide that care for free. They can, and usually do, try to collect from even uninsured patients, often at fees well above those negotiated by insurance companies.

Romney shows a basic misunderstanding of how hospitals work. Yeah, care is free and hospitals just throw it around like rice at a wedding.

The Car Crash Paul Ryan Should Have Avoided at the VP Debate

What could have possessed the Romney campaign to allow its No. 2 to recite a canned story about an auto accident—in a debate with a man who lost his wife and daughter to such a tragedy?

Fucking prick.