Ef You Treyarch...

Pre-Order Mass Effect 3 From Newegg…

…ship Madden NFL 12 instead.

Per Newegg Customer Support:

We’re contacting you today regarding your recent purchase of the Mass Effect 3 Xbox 360 game. It appears there may have been an error when fulfilling and shipping your order. We’ve received reports that some customers may have received Madden NFL 2012 Xbox 360 instead of the intended product.

Just laugh you know you want to.

I Still Love You Netflix

Oh Netflix Team you guys are so nice. You didn’t have to send me an extra disk but you did and I appreciate it.

Good Customer Experience – Toys R Us – 2010

Vanbergs gave me a heads up on a good deal that is active for $10 dollars off Xbox 360 games at Toys R Us. The catch is you have to ask somebody working for one of the cards as they are not advertised or openly available on the floor. Retail is not something I really like to deal with especially with gaming and ESPECIALLY being 30 years old. It’s that whole “haven’t you grown out of that shit yet” stigma.  I love getting cheap games so I said ef it I was going to go in there and bite the bullet.

Enter the 28th Street Toys R Us

Much to my surprise the guy working there knew exactly what I was looking for when I asked for the card. He went straight to the back room explained to me how the deal works and what they have been experiencing regarding the free games (it’s nerfed sadly) and that the card still works for games $14.xx and up and was helpful and pleasant. Ended up getting Halo Wars for $10.xx after taxes and when I rang out they let me keep the discount card as apparently it’s a collectable.

The guy working told me it’s a deal sponsored by Microsoft as they are biting the bullet on the discounts so I have absolutely no problem abusing this card to get a few more $10 dollar games. Toys R Us was cool and they FINALLY working on fixed their gaming section not be a plastic prison. I’ll need to start going there more often and I would suggest others to as well after today….well minus during checkout getting being asked to buy batteries I didn’t need, a protection plan I didn’t ask for, and a rewards card I wouldn’t use. The first guy was nice though.

The Joys of a Netflix Blu Ray User Pt. 3

Paranormal Activity was released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc on December 29, 2009.

Back in January I posted regarding the Blu-Ray delays though Netflix. After that post of displeasure as a five and a half month update I posted again about getting two releases sent to me the day they were released on home video. Things continue looking up as Netflix has done the unspeakable.

Almost six months after release Netflix is FINALLY sending me Paranormal Activity on Blu-Ray. At this point I was hoping to hit the half year mark but seriously that is a damn long wait. The entire time that movie was in my queue it was always at the top and as much as I can remember the movie was in “Very long wait” status.

Right now I have six items at the top of my queue listed at “Very long wait” and don’t expect to get content like “The Road” or “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell” any time soon. Regardless I’ll keep everybody posted. If anybody has any other suggestions of disks I should add to my queue to track let me know.

Good Customer Experience – Thai Fusion – 2010

As noted on my previous Poor Customer Experience this weekend I was out and about town bummin around trying to blow some gift cards. After a few stops food was decided to be in order. Discussion brought me to a new place on 29th/Broadmoor called Thai Fusion.

Being a Sunday hours at any establishment in West Michigan can be screwy so I decided to get out of the car and check the hours sign and failed to look at the opening time and only the closing time so after seeing the doors were open we went inside assuming the place was open.

We got there at about 3:20p but their official hours didn’t start till 4. Speaking with the server she was very understanding about the misunderstanding as their front door was wide open and she went and checked in the back to see if we could be seated. We were very clear about it being fine they weren’t open and would have come back after 4p.

The server came back said it would be fine for us to be seated and we had a nice lunch in an empty and quiet restaurant.Ended up ordering a shared meal of spring rolls and vegetable fried rice that was spicy and filled with various goodies.

Thai Fusion comes very recommended as the service and the price was right. Lunch for two after a healthy tip was under $15 dollars.

If the owners asked I would make them www.thaifusionmichigan.com for free as it’s almost impossible to find information on their establishment on the web.

Poor Customer Experience – Blockbuster Video – 2010

This weekend one of my goals was to blow all of my gift cards. I’ve been sitting on a series of them for awhile and wanted to get a start on getting rid of them and hopefully have some fun while doing so (that I ultimately did). While going around town I wanted to check the status of a Blockbuster gift card I’ve had dormant for over and a half on the hopes of soon using the money on something cool.

Last time I used it the CSR at Blockbuster gave me the impression that gift cards will expire after two years even though right on the card I have it says “No service fees or expiration dates apply to this GiftCard”.

Enter the East Beltline Blockbuster

Browsing the store I was unable to find a single thing to buy so I had the CSR check the status of the card for me out of curiosity before I left. While explaining the situation I let her know the last time I used the card the previous CSR gave me the impression the cards would expire and asked if she could check the balance for me. Using the card runner at the desk the card wouldn’t work so she scanned the card using her scanner.

“Card doesn’t scan”.

She was just a bitch about it I’m assuming she thinks I found/stole the card who knows but she said three times “Card doesn’t scan”.

I take my card back and leave PO’ed and a little scared the money on this card is lost forever.

A quick Google search found took me to a page on Blockbuster’s own site that can check the remaining balance of gift cards. The results were as follows….

The CSR I would assume could just punch in the numbers on the card on her terminal to check the balance for me but she failed. Sadly a bad experience that I’m all more then getting used to.