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Free Grand Rapids Wireless

There are just times when you just feel like getting out of the house. For a homebody like me those times don’t come that often but they do. Sadly there are also times when you are away from home and require a wireless connection. Thank god for sites like Grand Rapids WiFI Search.

Personally I feel I’m addicted to the internet. When I want to go out and read or just grab a coffee my underpowered Dell a good majority of the time comes with me. I’m also a very cheap/dutch individual thus having free WiFi at my chosen destination is always a plus.

When I used to drive f/ Lake Michigan Drive to Fulton towards GVSU there was always construction on a small coffee shop I always wanted to visit. When the location finally opened I kept hearing good things about it but was hesitant to visit. Right now I’m updating from “The Bitter End” and the review on grwifi.net gave glowing reviews so tonight I decided to attend.

Right now I’m listening to the highly enjoyable new Deftones CD and drinking an overpriced Hazelnut coffee and when I finish this boredom induced post I’m going to continue reading Wizards First Rule. Best Saturday night ever? Far from it but relaxing productive and very vanlandw’esque. BRB

PS: Everybody make sure to consume vanberge’s most recent post and the comments that follow. 

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  1. hw says:

    apparently, logan’s alley has free wireless – that sounds like a great combo, IMHO

  2. bun says:

    at least you admit to being dutchy pants :P

  3. Enfuego says:

    Wizards first rule and the rest of the terry goodkind books are fantastic. GG vanlandw

  4. vanlandw says:

    Thanks enfuego…jjafuller recommended them to me and I’ve never read anything fantacy based so I figured I would give them a shot. From what I’ve heard I don’t think I would like the LOTR books. These seem more based around characters, actions, adventure, and violence.

    LOTR seems to be more based about creating a world and songs and dance and hobbits.

    I totally recommended WFR to anybody who enjoyed the LOTR movies…

    also smoochies, logan’s alley rocks and yes i’m a cheapass russ :-P

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