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I forgot to scribe a post about this so I might as well do it now while at work. Friday morning, at the time I slept in and was running late so I graced my e-mail quickly before taking a shower. Oddly enough I got my first media request! As everybody knows I’m a pretty low key guy. I wake up in the morning, eat my toast, and work my humble job I’m over qualified for. Apparently Sam Eifling a writer/researcher for Harper’s Magazine e-mailed me looking to discuss with me the numbers on the bauercount.com website I maintain.

At the time I was really apprehensive about contacting Sam. I personally was not very familiar with Harpers and upon first glance didn’t seem like the type of Magazine that would be for my target audience.  With talking with my friends I thought I would be “counterpoint” for a violence on TV piece.  After thinking about it I decided to give him a call and see how it goes.

I was running a bit late for work so I got in my car with my laptop with my e-mail and the count cached if I needed it and gave him a call.  Sam was a really cool guy to be honest.  In Harpers they do a piece where they used numbers and some how link them together somehow and Sam was just verifying the count is accurate. He wanted to use “38″ in the piece for how many kills Jack got in season 5. He asked me some questions and I answered them.  He also said full credit would be provided.

Overall it was a pretty positive experience.  Clearly he could have just used the information but it’s nice to see the press verify their sources.  AS SEEN HERE the information on the count was used in a print publication in the past. Shame they didn’t verify their source thus printed TOTALLY incorrect information. Now I’m happy to say the information on the site is about 99.9% accurate thanks to the help of many.  Regardless keep an eye open for next month’s Harper’s Magazine, I will be.

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  1. hellokittn says:

    Vanlandw… our local celebrity. Before you know it, you’ll be batting the gato’s off with a stick ;-) .

  2. Em says:

    that is a great story Wesley! I feel so proud to know you! :)

  3. Kramer says:

    Too cool! You are will famous.

  4. mickeyvb says:


    vanlandw, you are truly ‘King’ of press whores!

    All kidding aside, that is awesome vanladw!


    8 )

  5. chouse says:

    dude how sweet is that

  6. vanlandw says:

    LMAO….having two gatos around is more then one man can handle ;-)


    Yeah it should be pretty cool. If they do use the information in their publication I’ll buy it and post some scans or something. :-)



  7. hellokittn says:

    I just wish I was “around” more than I am “round.”

    Fish and chips. Beer. Pasties. Wow.

    Don’t downplay it, we all enjoy your king mediawhorishness. Can you only imagine the hit count after the first episode in Jan? Let’s start a betting pool O:-).

  8. vanlandw says:

    hellokittn…you are skinny….you are not “round”

    also gato i don’t want to talk about traffic right now.  even for the DVD release I’m expecting quite a surge in traffic so I got some work ahead of me. sadly i will have to pay for new hosting of the videos and hope I don’t go over a 250gb quota on that server :-/

    if things get crazy the interwebs will know :-*

  9. hellokittn says:

    Ack! We should just start our own hosting company ;-) . Especially since they signed for another what… 2 seasons?!? I forget these things…. holagato=n00b?

  10. vanlandw says:

    you are gato

    creating a hosting company would be pretty cool and a lot of work and require a lot more money then i have currently

    three more seasons but personally i don’t think they will go that long IMHO


  11. Kramer says:

    The one thing that worries me is that Fox will drag 24 out as long as they can, a la The Simpsons and The X-Files.

  12. Em says:

    Wesley, you commented on Enfuegos site to update, now I am doing the same to you!! I need some new Wesley knowledge in my life.

  13. Adam says:

    I will pop vanlandw’s inflated ego with the diaper pin of reality

  14. vanlandw says:

    lmao you all are very hysterical

    clearly i will update at a junction i find fit

    i am currently CONSTANTLY at a state of constant up-picked

    gunny….i have no ego but please poke me!!!

  15. vanberge says:

    update your website.

  16. [...] Back in October I mentioned I got interviewed by a researcher from Harpers Magazine regarding the bauercount.com statistics. The gentleman that spoke to me over the phone was really cool.  Mostly just verifying the information on the site is real and accurate. When we were talking he wasn’t 100% sure when or even if the information was going to be used. Today I went to Schuler Books and by golly they ended up using using the information in their December issue. [...]

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