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Difference a Day Makes

As you can see from my post from yesterday, things were looking pretty damn grim.  Work banged me over and I was going to miss Disturbed in concert.  Also my nice LG phone past warranty with no insurance took a dive into a mammoth glass of Meijers Soda.

Today things started off a little rocky.  With my telephone DOA I needed to figure something out for an alarm clock.  I have an iMac on my desk so I figured I would try turning that into an alarm clock.  Now there is something just mental about trying a new alarm clock out.  I slept like ASS!  Last night I was so tired when I went to bed when I woke up in the morning I kept having no idea what time it was. Three times I got up to check the time because I was so paranoid the alarm wouldn’t work.  Regardless I ended up sleeping in but making it to work on time.

When at work I was graced with some good news.  My co-worker “picked it up” and agreed to work for me for the Disturbed concert.  Thus I was graced with the PTO I requested and now I’m able to attend early morning shopping for Black Friday then rock out to DISTURBED in Battle Creek!

My roomate Flo is allowing me to borrow his old Verizon LG Phone.  This phone is already an upgrade from my POS so that is good news regardless.  Now in the past I’ve had a similar issue with my first phone.  That one died and I needed to get another one. Right now I share a plan with my dad and he is the primary holder on the account.  To put a new phone on the account he needed to present. So going to my local Verizon dealer was something I wasn’t looking forward to.  I get to the dealer and I’m greeted and instructed to put my name on a peice of paper.  After about a 10 min wait I was requested to attend the front desk.  The lady that helped me was quiet but efficient and hooked up the new phone to my account quickly and only for $15 dollars.

So yeah disregard that post from yesterday.  Everything worked out :-P

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  1. vanberge says:

    Get a new cell phone provider. :-P

    and a new phone.

    and a tv.

    and a digicam.

    and a new car.

    and a new laptop.

  2. Megan says:

    I agree with Vanberge. But also, what an amazing chain of stupendous events that happened to you today!

  3. Kramer says:

    I am glad to hear that your day picked it up.

  4. FLO says:

    sometimes, things just work out. vanberge really needs to pick it up. instead of telling you to buy things he should go out and purchase his pool table so we can enjoy it while we watch the lions loose week after week. brb!

  5. hellokittn says:

    So happy things are going so much better :-) . I have more good news, check your e-mail.

    Can’t wait for the concert!!!!!! WE’RE GOING TO DISTURBED :-D !!!!!!!

  6. Skinny says:

    No, go out and buy yourself a truck. It makes me feel better every time I drive it.

  7. Megan says:

    Wes would never buy a new car. Let alone a large manly truck. :-*

  8. bun says:

    black friday? more like DUTCH black friday. boomshakalaka.

  9. vanlandw says:

    thats a shame you said that rusty i was going to buy you a present for christmas


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