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Friday Links – November 4, 2011

→ Google Reader Goes Ahead and Obliterates Social Features

We hope you’ll like the new Reader (and Google+) as much as we do, but we understand that some of you may not. Retiring Reader’s sharing features wasn’t a decision that we made lightly, but in the end, it helps us focus on fewer areas, and build an even better experience across all of Google.

As I’ve written about before this sucks. There were about 10 people I regularly shared links and comments on Reader for years. In a week that’s all gone. Who knows if those people are on Google+ and all my shares and conversations are stuffed in a JSON I have no idea what I’m going to do with yet. This is just another reminder to beware of social services  and to make sure to own your content. A former designer on Google Reader is actually pleading to return to the project to fix it whats currently broken.

→ A Sister’s Eulogy for Steve Jobs

We all — in the end — die in medias res. In the middle of a story. Of many stories.

Regardless of how one feels about Apple and Steve Jobs this is a must read. There has been so many interesting stories and thoughts about Apple and Jobs since his death his book now becomes a must read at some point soon. I’ve also heard very good things about this book as a companion to Walter Isaacson’s.

→ Aerobie 80R08 AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Fast and convenient, the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker makes one of the best cups of coffee you’ll ever taste. This innovative uses the ideal water temperature and gentle air pressure brewing to produce coffee and espresso that has rich flavor with lower acidity and without bitterness. It makes 1 to 4 cups of coffee or espresso (enough for 1 or 2 mugs), features a micro filtered for grit free coffee, and takes just 1 minute to make coffee (actualpress time takes only 20 seconds).

If anybody wants to buy me a gift. Started making good home coffee with a french press (that I still like) but I broke my FP at my house. Got a pour over last Christmas and like the cleaner cup out of the pour.  Been hearing many good things about the AeroPress primarily the speed and the lack of cleanup needed.

Fans Smash Stage After Metallica Gig is Canceled

The four executives of DNA Entertainment Network, the promoters of the gig, were arrested on fraud charges after they refused to refund ticket money for the event. Reports indicate that around 25,000 people had purchased tickets to see what would have been Metallica’s first-ever concert in India.

Sue the crap out of them.

→ Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception AV Club Review

What the fuck is wrong with your head? “You know what, I fucking hate cover, I think I won’t use it for Gears – what the fuck, I just died this game is Bullshit”. “You know, I wanna try playing this Mario game like Sonic, so I’m going to go fast enough and the other guys should die – the fuck? I died? How is that fair”

Over a thousand scathing comments…

→ Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Launch Trailer

Players will literally be able to switch between the remastered visuals and the classic visuals in real time with the press of a button in order to see the difference more clearly. Halo: Anniversary will be a full retail game, not a downloadable, but it will only cost $40.

The music in the Halo trailers gets me every time. Best deal is at Amazon with release day shipping, a $10 dollar credit, extra skull, and avatar award for all pre-orders. The Retro Graphics Toggle is great there hasn’t been a game that has done this better. Also the new Terminals in Halo 1 should be cool as I loved the Terminals in Halo 3.



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  1. Jeffrey says:

    Any reason why you grouped these together so they cannot be commented on individually?

  2. vanlandw says:

    Just trying something out new. Not sure it’s gonna stick if nobody likes it. You were against single posts as a link blog and I’ve seen others using a “weekly” way of getting stuff out there. Figured at this point it’s better then nothing.

    Didn’t want to start a seperate site either.

  3. Jeffrey says:

    Tough call, I don’t really care for either format (single or batch). But, something is better than nothing.

  4. Jeffrey says:

    We could probably put together a “share in wp” bookmarklet like the google reader one. I don’t think that would be too difficult

  5. vanlandw says:

    Yeah putting together this post is way too much work. Overhauling this site is something I’ve wanted to do for awhile but I can never find a good theme and all my comptuers are too shitty to do serious work on anymore.

    I’m absolutely not sharing links at Google+ at this point and FB and Twitter is not going to work. Here is a central place anybody knows and does give slightly more visiblity then Google Reader ever did. Still need to figure out what to do with all my old shares it sucks that they are absoltuely not viewable anywhere anymore. Actually it would be cool to build a site that had ALL our old shares then build off that. Somebody should make a good tool for that.


  6. Vanberge says:

    I love you vanlandw but I do not love what you are doing here.

    You are forcing people to come get your shared content vs your shared content just showing up to them in various other means that they may already employ.

    I respect your adaptation however.

  7. vanlandw says:

    I love you too vanberge!

    What have you shared out in the last week vanberge?

    I’m not forcing anybody to do anything you came here on your own damn free will.

    I’m sure you came here as you subscribe to my feed in Google Reader. It was already pushed to you.

    Who are you vanberge there is no way on earth I’m posting links to Google+ or FB or Twitter screw that.

  8. Vanberge says:

    I have shared out halloween pics, various articles, and thoughts/opinions via various other means… Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

    Most of my friends already saw those. :-*

    I said I don’t love what you’re doing here. I’m not telling you to stop. I’m actually glad you are at least making an effort to exist in post-reader world. But, this is pretty much the same thing as a twitter digest post.

    You are so against using a sharing platform and there is still no good reason as to why.

    Make a Google + account. Make a single circle called “Old Reader”. Put all your awesome Google reader contacts into that circle. Share your shit to only that circle.

  9. vanlandw says:

    Can’t reach Twitter/Facebook/Google+ at work. I’m not spending $100 dollars on a data plan for a phone just to do so. Also what in the world is wrong with posting at a blog it’s the same thing as “following” somebody on any other site.
    Everything is already so damn fragmented everybody is everywhere it’s impossible to keep up with everything and everybody.

    If you want something “vanlandw” that is current there is one place to check and that’s that.

  10. Vanberge says:

    Sprint is 69.99 unlimited data… but that isn’t really the point.

    So you’re not going to comment/share thoughts on anyone else’s shared content; but you want them to come here to do that for you?

    I don’t fully support this implementation.

    I think we should all check out hivemined when it’s ready.

  11. FLO says:

    I guess the only thing I’m going to say is that I agree with both. I think Vanlandw should comment on our stuff on FB, +, and Twitter. Why? Cause the stuff we post there matter to us. Example, it would be great to see Vanlandw comment on a funny pic of Chase. Cause it’s cute and it’s nice to know that you’re interacting with how our lives are progressing. We all seriously value your input. Not just on trivial things on Reader or some blog post. But also on things that matter and are important to all of us; friends and family. On the flip side, I think we should respect how Vanlandw wants to push out things that matter to him. If he wants to do a “Week in Review” of what he found on the internet that interest him and possibly interest us and push that on his website, then fine. I’ll look at it and comment on it. When Vanlandw doesn’t comment on anything on plus, or FB, or twitter it can be misinterpreted that you don’t care. Which, I think we can all probably say isn’t really the case. When Vanberge just beats the holy shit out of the horse that is named Julia Roberts, it has the appearance that you’re pushing Vanlandw further way from the point you’re trying to make. Vanberge, I think you’re being a bit harsh on Vanlandw. Vanlandw, I think you’re being a bit rigid. Those are just my opinions

  12. FLO says:

    Here it is one one statement.

    Vanlandw, I only speak for myself here, but I’m more then willing to meet you half way on this Reader fiasco. I will gladly come to your website and comment on the things you share if that’s how you want to take it forward. But really, like I stated before, it would be great to see some comments from you on stupid videos we share on FB or plus. Or, a nice comment or photo that Vanberge shares about Chase or some dumb imgr photo Vanbergs puts up. I’m in no way asking you to change how you share you world. What I am asking is to see you in on the conversation of our lives, and unfortunately, that includes inadequate ways or properly communicating like a human: Facebook, Twitter, and G+.

  13. Vanberge says:

    LOL “some dumb imgur photo Vanbergs puts up” – that is so true.

    I do agree with Flo. I am being harsh and have been harsh because it has esclated over years of debate.

    I agree FULLY with Flo’s sentiments: Meet half way. I will GLADLY come here and comment/interact with vanlandw’s e-being if he does it with mine on the other mediums.

  14. FLO says:

    Vanlandw, I do get it though. I look at Reader, or FB, or +, or Twitter mostly when I’m at my desk at work. And, if you can’t accesses those things cause your employer is in the stone age, then why bother?

  15. vanlandw says:

    This whole argument comes down to how having all these services kinda suck. Nobody likes blogging anymore even though I really like having a blog. Some people are on Google+. Some people love facebook to death. Some like tweeting when they take a dump. Everything is so fragmented it’s too much.

    Google Reader was great. It was an isolated place with isolated conversation about news and things of interest and a tool I already use quite frequently and everybody was there. It was brainless. Don’t take this the wrong way but most of the time I don’t want family photos, status updates, and spotfly music lists thus why I don’t check facebook nearly as much as everybody else. I use Facebook when I know there is something I want to see not to keep tabs on everybody. Facebook has WAY too much noise. Those pictures from the Lions game were the last reason I logged in. Also I can’t reach those tools at work so that’s not a viable option for posting for me. It’s not that I don’t care and I do check facebook and twitter and I do see Chase’s photos. With Facebook right now I’m not a highly active participant. This could change but it not right now.

    Honestly I don’t think it’s a big deal at all how I decide to share with you guys. Anybody can reach this site anywhere and everybody uses a feed reader so really whats the big deal if you need push. This post was just an experiment. I’ve seen a few other sites post links this way and I like it. One of my favorite blog writers posts a “Friday’s Links” every week and I look forward to it. I don’t follow this person any other way other then what he writes on his site so his links are important and I like they way he does it.

    All vanberge wants to do is “win” this argument and see me fold I know how he plays games with people. If I became a “regular” facebook user it would be something he would FOREVER hold over my head the same way I bring up his dislike of myspace and social sites back in the day. Does anybody remember how much grief he gave vanbergs for having a myspace? Regardless of how much we all know Myspace sucks in comparison to FB it was a deep social rooted dislike vanberge held it just wasn’t a “myspace sucks”.

    My personal hope is google will figure out they were wrong in all this and implement stronger sharing features back directly into Reader even with plus intergration I could deal with that maybe.
    Tumblr is blocked at work so I can’t read anything about HiveMinded right now but I’ve heard good things.

    “some dumb imgur photo Vanbergs puts up” that is hysterical I think he gets most of them from Reddit

    Who are you guys seriously?


  16. Jeffrey says:

    Seems like a signal verse noise issue. And there is a hell of a lot of noise on social networks. If I didn’t have a smart phone I wouldn’t partake in them at all. And, the more I think about it, the more I like the “old fashioned blog.” So, keep it up vanlandw, my only request is that you do the shares individually instead of a digest format.

  17. vanlandw says:

    My last post might sound harsh. It wasn’t intended to be I’m just talkin like I would be talkin if we were hanging out. All my readers I love to death.

    All this was really just a test until something else comes along. If people REALLY migrate to a service I’ll absolutely try it out but I don’t think that service is going to be what is already out there.

    For now I’ll prob just stick with the weekly thing as I kinda like it. The timely stuff I think most people hear about it anyway. With this format I can just hit the highlights and post a blurb like I would with a “Post in Reader”. This site I still like being a “post” site rather then a linked list site.

    Hopefully nobody hates me


  18. Vanberge says:

    Vanlandw you really are missing the point.

    Flo nailed it right on the head. I absolutely do not look at this as a contest. If you began using any service I would never mention it in any fashion except for being glad for the increased interaction.

    Your post doesn’t come off harsh, we can be who we are and accept each others’ awesomeness.

    I must say that I don’t agree with your “noise” theory. You can filter your feed. Hide who you want to hide. Share with groups/circles. Use twitter lists. etc etc. There are countless means of cleaning up these noise-prone feeds. You constantly hide behind that argument when you could tune facebook’s feed to show your 10 closest friends only.

    I will re-iterate that I don’t mind you sharing your content this way. I will come to your site and comment. I welcome the capability to interact with vanlandw. But, you are by this means creating a “one way street” where people interact with you. You’re not interacting with others the same way on their side of the content sharing. We are missing out. :-(

    Just today Vanbergs called me Unicron. We have posted it on facebook and had a comical diatribe with myself, vanbergs, and flo regarding Unicron’s origins and awesomeness. And that entire scenario would be more enjoyable if vanlandw joined the convo with a comment or two.

    Flo made points and a nice general consensus; and I think all would be wise to consider these finer points and weigh the gravity of this situation carefully.

  19. vanlandw says:

    It feels my entire life is becoming one comical diatribe…

    I don’t think I’m missing any points at all and I’m not hiding behind anything. Maybe all of this could just be answered by just saying I don’t like Facebook? If it wasn’t for EVERYBODY ELSE using it I would have closed my account ages ago? Am I the only person who doesn’t like using Facebook? Do I have to conform just to make you happy vanberge? Flo makes some “finer points” so I just have to step to action?

    This is all becoming way too much work and the gravity…oh the gravity…

    At least I could make you laugh once today vanberge that is clearly the highlight of all that has transpired this afternoon.

    If jja wouldn’t give me so much shit I would almost “pull a rusty” and just close my site.

  20. vanlandw says:

    hivemined looks fantastic curious too see if they charge for it

  21. Vanberge says:

    At this point stubbornness is outweighing logic and this will be my last comment on this thread/topic for good.

    The moral of this entire story is that your BEST friends wish you would interact with them on the various means that are available that they ALL use. For some reason, you can’t get past a strange stubbornness against being social online to supplement our friendships with those communication tools. Whether you want to admit it or not, you do miss out on some valuable things because of this. And we miss out on your would-be contributions to plenty of valuable opportunities. If you don’t think there is value in keeping better in touch with your friends via the tools available then I’m done trying to change your mind. It was payner’s birthday today fyi.

    “Do I have to conform just to make you happy vanberge?”
    No. I’m not the only commenter on this thread; so obviously there are some shared feelings in my statements across our friendship group.


  22. vanlandw says:

    I don’t think I’m being stubborn about anything at all.

    The moral sounds like you want me to be something I don’t want to be.

    How am I not social online? I’ve been here all day responding to comments. My email address is always open. I played Modern Warfare 2 with Flo and Diane yesterday on XBL and I’m available there. It seems JUST because I’m not a heavy Facebook user (the only thing I really don’t do is click “like” or directly comment often on shit) I’m strange or stubborn and you saying that to me I feel is unfair.

    I’ve thought about this today a bit on why I don’t like “using” Facebook and maybe I’ll write something up about it some day.

    I have a Facebook account I see what gets posted there. I have a twitter account and I browse there sometimes.

    The way I look at it it’s impossible for me to keep up with everything and contribute everywhere. I like my website so I post things here I don’t understand why that is a big deal.

    We can discuss this further in person I’m sure this is not the end…

  23. Vanberge says:

    I did not say you are strange. I said your stubbornness towards social media is strange. You are certainly a normal human being. :-*

    I was referring to our collective stubbornness outweighing logic. Not yours specifically. We are clearly both stubborn and that is not disagreeable.

    I wanted to clarify those points but yes I am done discussing this topic as it obviously doesn’t do any good.

  24. vanlandw says:

    We are both inconsolably stubborn that’s for sure.

    I email’d payner for his birthday.

    This evening furiously writing by mistake I swallowed some gum and my stomach hurts.

  25. FLO says:

    Vanlandw, I feel you missed the point just a bit. I’m not advocating you become a heavy Facebook user. Don’t use it to post things in your life. Use your website. I’m fine with that. But, what I am saying is this. This post on YOUR website has garnered 25 comments. I have commented on it, Vanberge has. Fuller has. But, what I am saying is that you will NOT comment on anything on our FB pages. That I wish you would do. We are engaging you in conversation on YOUR website. You’re not engaging us on OUR websites. And yes, cause of it’s ease of use, FB is my website. Or Twitter. Or G+. I’m not asking for a lot. I’m asking for a little and to build from there. And really, I only bring this up cause of Reader going Bye Bye. I think we’re asking for fairness. I understand the concerns you bring up about Vanberge “holding this over your head”. That’s valid. But, for me, and fuck it, I’ll speak for Van on this. I don’t think that’s the point of his, or my, argument. We want your friendship and interaction. We get it on so many levels except for the social. We want the whole package. And yeah, that sounds a little…..not straight. But, as the world’s communication evolves, I think the way WE communicate has as well. It’s by no means perfect, but, it is what it is. I applaud you ability to stay clear. I respect it and envy it to a certain degree. I know how important it is for one to dictate how they lead their life. But, the times have changed unfortunately. And, to just prove one of Van’s points to you. I didn’t unfriend my father on FB, but I did remove is post from my feed. It was just out of control. So, it is possible to filter it down to like 10 people. The best ten. Like Vanbergs. ;-)

  26. chouse says:

    vanlandw, i swallow gum all the time and am fine. unless you swallowed several kilos of it, you should prob get that checked out.

  27. chouse says:

    I will also throw in that since reader closed its social aspect, G+ has grown more useful for me as folks in my circles there are now more frequently posting things to the service. I have a circle of you all and post things to it that I find interesting via reader and elsewhere. Circles can be shared so you don’t even have to go through the effort of adding people to a new one, just subscribe to a shared one that has everybody in it, and then only go to that circle in G+. All the links, all the discussion, none of the noise.

    I do not frequent facebook as much, and probably my only interaction with it is via selective tweets that make it over. I’m more of a consumer of information so I get that from twitter/reader/G+. If I push out something, it’s for a specific audience and I weigh which network is best suited for it. You don’t see me sharing tech articles on FB because most of the people there are the obligatory friends/family. But on G+ I can share to those I know will be interested in it. G+ is probably replacing twitter for me since most of the tech folks I follow on t are also on G+ and the discussion is easier to follow.

    I’ll admit having one more social network to keep track of with the introduction of G+ was annoying, but over time as it’s become more active and I finally have a capable smartphone to add an extra way to interact with it, it’s starting to be my preferred network.

    My blog used to be a way to keep friends/family up to date while I was away at college, but now there’s fb for that. All it is now is a twitter digest for me to have a historical record of whatever garbage I tweet about. I hope you all have unsubscribed.

  28. chouse says:

    Finally, this site is super fast thanks to the-bob.org fyi.

  29. Jeffrey says:

    chouse, I unsubscribed from your blog a long time ago

  30. Jeffrey says:

    for that very reason

  31. vanlandw says:

    Chouse and Flo- LMAO – I still have csh.us in my feeds and I do use that to keep up with chouse as his twitter stuff is posted there. Also the the-bob rocks it seems speedy.

    From what I’ve gathered about G+ is that primarlly men are on there and honestly I might sign up for it and just have like minded male friends there. Facebook is way too open I don’t want to post stuff on there many people that “friend” me wouldn’t give a shit about. Yes I’m FULLY aware you can set lists or something but I’m not dealing with that crap. My Facebook usage is not going to change at all. I like the private stuff we have setup for events and “vanhood’ that is about the only way I’m going to contribute right now.

    I like blogs I don’t think me posting here is any different then people posting all over the place.

  32. Vanberge says:

    Vanlandw, I am unsure if you are missing the point or you are choosing to ignore it…

    We are interacting with you on YOUR SITE. There are 30 plus comments on your site solely on this post by many of your friends.

    Not all your friends have a site. Flo doesn’t have a site. Vanbergs doesn’t have a site. Payner and Kramer don’t have a site. Their “site” is Facebook.

    You do not interact with your friends on their “site” – and in my opinion that is unfair of you in regard to your friends.

    The point is NOT: “Post pictures and status updates on Facebook, Vanlandw, dammit!!!”
    The point IS: “It’d be nice to have some interaction from Vanlandw with us the things we choose to share on facebook.”

  33. vanlandw says:

    I’ve sent you two text messages, several email’s, we have commented here thoughout today. I commented on the event you shared out on Facebook.

    Honestly I have no idea what you want from me. I’ve been logging into facebook and seeing what’s been posted recently as this has become such a huge deal and I haven’t felt the need to “interact” with anything that’s been posted.

    I’m not missing or ignoring anything. At work I cannot check facebook, twitter, or google plus it’s all blocked. When work is done sometimes I check these things sometimes I don’t. My notifications for all these services are so jacked up so sometimes I get an email sometimes I don’t. Email I’ve been better recently responding quickly and for payner’s birthday and that tweet kramer sent out about MW3 I emailed them both directly.

    Who are you vanberge seriously this is just going in a circle can this end please I don’t know why I keep having to justify myself to anybody.

  34. Vanberge says:

    It keeps going in circles because you keep saying things like “I like my site and that’s where I want to post things” and “I dont want to post on facebook”.

    When neither of those points are the focus of this thread.

    The point is and has been that you do not interact with things shared by your friends on their sites (Facebook etc). Until most recently, you have not even mentioned this aspect.

    “what I am saying is that you will NOT comment on anything on our FB pages. That I wish you would do.” -Flo

    I guess it’s your choice to answer that question with “No”

  35. vanlandw says:

    So really all you guys are saying the only thing you guys are disatified with is the amount of posted items comments I do ONLY on Facebook?

    My main point is don’t I comment and interact enough in other ways? I’m the ONLY person who doesn’t comment on what you post on facebook you are friends with? Is really the way we interact insufficent?

    I like how chouse put it and I feel the same way. He goes to FB and catches up with things but doesn’t really “use” it. Seriously people I don’t want to interact with at all are on there and I know people just profile stalk. I don’t like that and you cannot change that. If it wasn’t for five people that are on there that only post to FB I would have closed my account ages ago. FB is kinda like a party where everybody is invited. I don’t like that about it at all.

    As you can see I’m sure I haven’t said “I’m sorry” about anything. I cannot believe this such a big deal.

  36. chouse says:

    All wordpress blogs should have email notifications enabled by default, then we won’t miss anything! GG jjafuller.

  37. Vanberge says:

    We have covered this as much as it can be covered, and then more. It’s like Woodtv and artprize.

    Why is it surprising to you that your best friends want you to interact with them? We all love Vanlandw.

    “My main point is don’t I comment and interact enough in other ways?”
    I can’t really say yes or no to that. Do you feel like you interact enough in other ways? (question with a question bonus). I submit the following: I feel the majority of your correspondence with me is made up of replies. Meaning, that it seems you reply to my IMs. You reply to my emails. You reply to my phone call or text. I don’t often get the chance to reply to yours.

    Whatever your choice from this point on is your choice and I’m not going to try to change what you are or how you want to be. Flo and I have made our points to you and stated such in an outpouring of male oriented emotion. You can take this comment thread under advisement as you see fit.

    I respect your choices and love you as a fellow Van and best friend. However, I might ask that you take a last read through of these comments with the mental state of not trying to be defensive.

    I love you vanlandw,
    Ctrl 6

  38. vanlandw says:

    Chouse – http://vanlandw.com/?feed=comments-rss2

    I really need to update this place. This theme is nice but I really need to post the feeds places and clean it up.

    Vanberge – Clearly I’m just goofing around here man. Our relationship is of a yin/yang sort and I wasn’t really being defensive.

    My personality I know is more of a “closed book” and I’m not one to just “throw myself out there”. Even posting here most of what I post here is just a small bit but feels like enough. All the social services are so time consuming even just replying to you guys on the blog takes awhile for me to post something coherent.

    I’ve been logging into facebook and twitter and I still follow everybody’s blogs (even the clearly abandoned ones) so I think I catch what everybody is sharing but still everybody is everywhere these days.

    Maybe JUST MAYBE I’ll post a reply to something you post on Facebook. The last time I did you deleted it! That might have been the last thing I posted actually now that I think about it.

    I love you too vanberge number four,

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