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Worst Luck Ever

Today has been just an absolutely terrible day.  Not like terrible as in loss of job or anything tragic just the type of day where you do everything right and you get nothing back in return. Vanbergs likened my day similar to Jack Bauer’s “Day 4″ of “24″.  Jack did everything he thought was right.  He helped everybody, went beyond the call of duty, and did more for our country then anybody will ever know.  In the end…he was totally f’ed over and betrayed by everybody. Today I feel similar…
I will start with my first bout of bad luck first.  Recently I have agreed to work countless extra hours though the next few weeks and months.  Also I need to work third shift Christmas Eve/Christmas Day and New Years Eve/New Years Day. I recently came into posession of two Tickets to Disturbed in Battle Creek the day after Thanksgiving. Last week I put in a PTO request to have the day before Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving off.  Along with that request I sent an e-mail VOLUNTEERING to be on call for the weekend before Christmas. After all the goodwill i’ve shown to my employeer and fellow co-workers I didn’t think I would have a problem getting any days off I needed to go to the concert.  Also this request was put in over five weeks in advanced of the date.

Come to work today getting an e-mail saying my PTO for Friday was not approved, thus I have to work and miss Disturbed.  ugh

I come home tonight and have a very nice Spaghetti dinner with vanbergs.  While fuming over “The Disturbed Curse” aka somebody always gets screwed over for a Disturbed concert.  Vanbergs injured himself at a Disturbed concert while Taproot was playing concert thus MISSING disturbed.  Vanberge had to travel for work to Chi-town thus MISSING Disturbed.  Vanlandw put in for PTO five weeks before the event and couldn’t get the day off thus MISSING Disturbed.  I guess it was just my turn….

OK a little off topic, while sitting down watching Mythbusters I got a text message.  I replied to said text message and was going to put my phone away in my bag.  My bag was open so I kinda just tossed my phone nonshalantly into the opening.  APPARENTLY my phone bounced off the chair the bag was resting on and plummeted into full glass of soda.  My cell phone that had four months to last before getting a new one is ruined.  I spent $270 dollars on that phone new becuase of getting screwed over on a warranty issue is totally worthless.

If anybody has an extra old cell phone that would work with the verizon network they would be willing to give me please PLEASE think about letting vanlandw borrow it for awhile.  I really can’t stomach buying a $300 dollar phone right now :-(

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  1. Megan says:

    I should peep my dad to get me the new phone I want, then you can have the one I have now. It’s Verizon. You can even have all of my numbers. ;-)
    I’m sorry about your horrible day, Wesley.

  2. Skinny says:

    I might have an old razor from work. It had Cingular on it but you can have it if you need it.
    Dude sorry about your day. You should have a beer. That is what I would do.

  3. vanlandw says:

    lmao i did have a beer

    it’s gone now :-P

  4. hellokittn says:

    I may need to kidnap you and force you to go to Disturbed :-( .

    What?!?! You’re portable ;-) .

  5. hw says:

    if you were any kind of real man, you would FAKE YOUR OWN DEATH to go to this emo concert. kinda like that one guy in flatliners except without all those scary dogs and such.

  6. FLO says:

    Alright, first off. You’re calling in sick for disturbed. Plain and simple. Second, you can have my old phone from verizon. I just need to find it. Not sure where it went. It has to be somewhere in that pig stye I call a room.

  7. Jeff says:

    gg to hw for calling Disturbed an emo band. :razz:

  8. vanbergs says:

    sheer redemption for vanlandw

  9. vanlandw says:

    lmao that is really funny

    I should fake my death at some point in my life that would be so utterly amazing.

    Disturbed is not an “emo” band. They are a “van” band. Disturbed creates music for vans..that is all.

  10. bun says:

    call in sick for disturbed. and call me if flo’s phone doesn’t work out; I have an older one that should work with verizon as well. brb.

  11. vanlandw says:


    The main think I’m concerned about is that I share an account with my dad. He is the main holder on it and when I had this problem last time he had to be with me in the store to make the change of phone. I personally think it’s bullshit but we will see what happens tonight. I plan on updating :-*

  12. vanberge says:

    1: we are all goign to disturbed.

    2: get a new cell phone provider. you don’t have a contract with verizon, so you can just go into any carrier and have them port your number in at no charge whatsoever. Then you get a deal on a phone because you can get a new contract with a new, better carrier than verizon.

    3: brb

  13. vanlandw says:

    You make amazing points vanberge four.

    We are going to disturbed…more on that later…

    Also I just got a new phone on my plan so I’m black on mobile again…more on that later…

    when i get a chance i will prob get off verizon…their phones really are the worst.

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  15. Brittany says:


    To everybody who thinks that they have the worst luck ever read this and then tell me if you still think that way ok…where should I start so I guess it all starts in around november…me and Chelsea go to the bar with tyler we leave drew in Chelsea’s car for half hour (he told us to) and he steals her car, sells the sterio and we get the car back 3 days later…then my “boyfriend” at the time informs me that he is back with his x girlfriend (at the time I thought that was bad little did I know on what was to come) then I go over to tylers house the night before my birthday we go 4x4ing up the mountain I left my 500 dollar phone at his house we get back his dog chewed the shit out of it…this was after I had got one stolen lost one and now this one is chewed, so we go outside to leave and my car is egged (by a tylers x I used to be friends with her) so I driv home and get up in the morning to go to work very hungover i work and get picked up to pick up my cousin from the airport tyler bought me a new phone, later that night I lose that phone as well…and tyler phone me the next weekend and asks if he can have it back because I told him I had another one (which I did) so he can sell the one he bought me so I went out and re bought the 500 dollar phone for the fouth time! …about 2 weeks later I let my “boyfriend” shaun (same guy that said he was with his x then took it back) borrow my car…he has it for not even 2 hours and crashes it…o and it was on my parents insurance then not even a week later me tyler and Chelsea go snowboarding tyler gets drunk he wouldn’t get out of the truck no matter what we did and we defiantly tried! so we let him sleep in the truck in my underground parking lot well I guess at 3 am he decides he wants to drive somewhere so he proceeds to smash the gate to get out, cops called, tyler in jail, truck impounded, us, we now owe 4000 dollars and are now being evicted out of our apartment o and that’s on top of the 1200 I owe to fix my fucking car!! so if you think you have worse luck then me id love to hear it maybe it will make me feel better about the whole situation! email me at brittanywil@hotmail.com

  16. rocco says:

    sorry about your day but heres mine ok. so my parents arent home and i have to go to school i set my alarm but it never went off i woke up at 2:00 P.M. then after being up for 10 minutes i broke my toe im not being sarcastic i cant walk on my right foot then i foung out i might fail 8th grade and even better i cant have a beer to make my day good

  17. Kori says:

    Your luck is not even close to my bad luck. I trained for a year for the police academy. I started training last august of 2009, and before you can get into the academy, u have to take a physical fitness test, that test was the test I was training for and getting ready for the whole year before. The week before the test, July, 29th 2010, I was doing my normal power run, when a dog comes out of nowhere and tries to bite my ankle, so I was running pretty fast, and I kinda jerked on the sidewalk trying to get away from the dog, and my right ankle twists badly. I had a high ankle sprain, takes two months or more to heal. A week before the academy, I was ruined. I couldn’t walk for a week, my parents had to pick me up off the ground. I missed the academy after working out almost everyday for a whole year and it just happened to be the week before the police academy that I get hurt. It’s hard in the way that all that hard work I put in will have to wait a whole other year now. These two months without working out, I am out of shape again. Its amazing how fast that u can get out of shape. I’m talking about three weeks after I got hurt, I could tell that I was out of shape again. And heres the real killer to my bad luck. A couple weeks later, my mom falls down outside and tripped on a sidewalk, and broke her arm and her nose. She had to get surgery. She has been off for the past month, and I have been off from work for two months now. I’m about to go back to work, it hurts still, but it’s like night and day from that day I twisted it. You probably won’t believe me, but I’ll tell u anyways. My dad works on cars, and right after my mom had surgery, he had a piece of metal shard go into his already bad eye, and had to go to the hospital and get the shard out of his eye. Then it just got funny, my sister took a picture of the three of us at the table, I’m In the middle with my ankle wrapped up on the table, with my mom on the side of me with a full arm cast on her right arm, and my dads on the other side of me with a white patch over his left eye, wearing perscription glasses on top of the eye patch. So to the guy that started this story saying he has had the worst luck ever, think again. If anyone has something worse than this happen to them, please tell me about it, bc I would love to know and sympathize for u. Thanks kori

  18. niejk says:

    hey man,stop fucking bitching, i’ve lost a job(my boss fired me for eating a sandwitch that was passed the experation), all my money(got robbed) and my one-and oneley cellphone(pickpockeded) in about 3 months….

    now you had a bad day, I can’t pay my goddamn rent or my other expenses, I have to borrow money for the train EVERY day because I can’t get to university now…..

    beleve me you cunt, you don’t have it that freakin’ bad…..

    i’ve almost given up being a cristian, but I guess I’ve gotten lucky on that one…

  19. DontWantToExpose says:

    I had a bad day today. Perhaps the worst day in my life till now. My 10th standard marks were 55% but my 12th marks were 66% and my graduation were well above 70%. I just worked to hard in my studies since my 10th. But, when i wanted to sit in the campusing, the required criteria was 60% in both. I still set in the interview because i had heard that they don’t see your marksheet. I but just before the aptitude results were out, they asked for my marksheet. I couldn’t saw them, i was rejected. But, when i saw the aptitude answersheets, the 1st had got the mark 37 out of 55 whereas i had got 47 well above the highest. Then, I sat in the campusing of Infosys. It is the best IT company in india. The criteria were the same but the aptitude test of infosys is much much harder. I still sat. There were 450 students in the aptitude test. They selected only 39. I was one of them. Then, i gave the interview, they never saw my results. Only 6 got selected in the interview. I was still in. But, just before they were going to announce the results, they asked for my marksheets. I said i just lost them but it wasn’t enough. I got rejected. They announced results in which i wasn’t there.
    After this i have thought a lot. No matter how hard i try, i can’t change the past. And i don’t think i am going to get a job anymore with my disadvantage.

  20. Foor says:

    ah.. so this is what you people call bad luck.. hmm well here I go.

    At the age of (I’m almost 25 now btw) 16-17 I met a girl which I had sex with and she told everyone that I abused her and that she was pregnant. I knew all of this was a lie but couldn’t leave my house because she had certain connections with people -rly don’t understand how she thought she was so high and fucking mighty- and they all seemed very happy to bash my face in before hearing my side of the story. This went on for about 1/2 year and it scarred me pretty bad to this day. After that I fell in love with someone and had a relationship with her for about 10 months. Always did everything for her and loved her to death. After the relationship ended because she was appearantly sick of me she told loads of people that I had raped her. Once again a lie I didn’t understand. Little did I know that the previous girl and this one knew eachother and decided to both come down on my ass. Once again, couldn’t leave the house because of the facebashing that was awaiting me beyond the walls of my home. (you may think that I was acting crazy or paranoid but when I left the house I actually met people wanting to kick my ass for this socalled act, they were fucking after me) After all of that ended and took like a year again, I met an arabian girl and decided to move out and go live with her. Little did I know that once again this was a crazy bitch that drove me as far to cut my own face open with a pizzacutter. (once again I’m not crazy what she did to my mental state was insane) She left for her homecountry because of some wedding being held there. So I waited for her for a week, then she suddenly called me: “Can’t you come over here to Syria and we’ll find you a job”. I was very worried because she had been trying to convince me to become a muslim (which I was NOT cool with). I thought that if I would’ve gone over there, I wouldn’t ever find a way back with the political rubbish going on over there. I left the appartment we had (lived there for a year and knew her a year, so the relationship was 2 years in whole) and moved back in with my parents, changed my cellphone number and emailadress because I was afraid of what she might do to me concidering her father was still in my country and he’d heard about our “forbidden” relationship. I had to meet up with the father of this girl (being scared shitless at the time because this guy had quite a reputation). My father had to convince the guy that I was a Christian (really I’m an Atheïst) and never wanted to become a muslim and that it was an impossibility within our family. She tried to contact me through all my friends but I clearly told them not to give her my number or state that they hadn’t seen me in a while. Thankfully they listened and she was never able to contact me up until this day (I’m still a little paranoid about this whole thing). Now after all that ended and was finally home scarred once again I met an old friend of mine. Her name is Kimberly. Little did I know she was madly in love with me for all those years and she really wanted me. So I gave the relationship a shot and we hitted of great at first. Then I started going over to here fathers place (she came from a broken home) where she was staying to find out the man is an irresponsible alcoholic. The place was always a mess and smelt pretty bad.After a year our relationship got kind of unstable and I tried to break up with her several times. Somehow we always got back together again. A year later she lived by herself and I visited her a lot. The place she lived belonged to a friend that would eventually move out and it was another shithole. An old building that was coming apart (bare in mind that I come from a nice home with a mother that’s a cleanfreak and a workaholic for a father). She rarely went for a walk with her dog (yes she has a dog) and in my eyes she can’t take care of the poor animal. It pee’d and poo’d everywhere in the house, thus.. stench. I was trying to break up with her once again and found out she was 5 months pregnant. I was in shock. A few days later I figured out that the right thing to do was move in with her and try to make things work as a family. We moved out of the shithole and into an appartment that an old friend of mine was leaving. I’ve lived here now for about 3 months and things really don’t work out. I always take care of her dog (not so much lately since I got sick of it so yeh, once again urine in my damn appartment). It’s never clean here (yes, I’m a little sloppy but there’s boundaries even for me). The pressure is really weighing on me really badly. I haven’t been able to find a job and about a year ago I had myself tested and found out I have autism. I barely scrape by to pay the rent and bills and now I broke up with her for good. I have no job because it’s hard to keep one with my condition. I misunderstand people a lot. She can’t move out for another few months (yes I’m staying here she doesn’t wanna live in this town anyway) because she’s still working on an ongoing education.

    Now THAT is what I call bad luck.. I double dare ya to top this!

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