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I Gotta Zombie Army – Dead Island – 2011

Not much of a review but a few things I wanted to note for people interested in checking out Dead Island. First, it’s a must to make sure to play using the “Fight Type” Analog and this can be changed in the settings. Dead Island’s melee combat is fantastic and really the combat as a whole is rather satisfying and visceral. This is all amplified by changing this setting away from the default.

Also, I would highly suggest taking a little time and view the Giant Bomb Quick Look on the game before a purchase. It gives a rundown of how weapons and quests work and shows how differently the game came out in comparison to that trailer that everybody knows. Fallout 3/Borderlands/Left 4 Dead/Condemned are the best mash-up comparisons I can come up with.

Speaking of the trailer, the game tries it’s best to live up to that announcement trailer everyone fell in love with but never has the same heart shown with the family in the hotel. There is so much to love with Dead Island but it does ultimately as the game progresses falls flat. The NPC are helpless task givers, the player characters are stereotypical and unsympathetic and the quests are hardly ever more then the escort, kill, or fetch  variety. There are a few quality quests but most are just contextual tasks to give you something to while you kill things (as in most games). Throughout the game it tries to make you care with zombie horror sob stories and telling you what your doing is so important but it’s just not handled well. No gravitas so to speak. This game cries for a character creator rather then having to play as the canned characters.

This game is built to be played co-op and I think almost best playing with strangers in how it relates to the narrative. To get a few quick achievements I popped into a random game with a new character and it was rather fun albeit strange. Not as smooth of a co-op experience as as the best in class. The enemies level with you and there are no difficulty settings or modifiers so even playing solo the game never felt overwhelming. With four people this game could be a cakewalk. Quests are handled Borderlands style.

Dead Island ends up a flawed masterpiece and worth checking out especially the resort chapters though a rental. A sequel with more heart could be powerful.

Personal Statistics: Completed on the Xbox 360 using the “Sam B” character playing “Single Player”.

Overall time played: 32h 46m 09s
Quests completed: 125
Explored zones: 97%
Distance traveled: 180.79

Challenges: 42%
Achievements: 72%

Items modified: 35
Medkits used: 49

Food consumed: 897
Co-players healed: 0
Co-players revived: 0
Deaths: 112

Weapon Type All
Walkers killed: 1956
Infected killed: 529
Humans killed: 277
Floaters killed: 19
Butchers killed: 8
Suiciders killed: 57
Rams killed: 14

The largest take away from this game will be the fantastic “Who Do you Voodoo” intro song everybody should check out and download. Long when I’ve forgotten this game I’ll still be bumpin the song.



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  1. Jeffrey says:

    Laura picked up this game on the cheap via a black friday deal. I’ve been playing as Sam B, and I have to say that the analog fighting is pretty terrible. I ended up switching to digital after getting asked “what the fuck is taking you so long” while playing in an online game in reference to killing a walker.

  2. vanlandw says:

    Playing with a co-op partner I can completely see going back over to digital.

    I liked analog because I’ve never seen that in a game before and expecially for the big guys who knock you over (can’t remember their names) it’s benefical to target their limbs and stuff.

    Now that I think about it I never even tried the digital style I just read the game was better with analog and rolled with it.

    Hope you guys are enjoying the game. <3

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