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Google Reader Social Features And the Future

Agent Smith: Wait. I’ve seen this. I stand here, right here, and I’m supposed to say something. I say, “Everything that has a beginning has an end, Neo.”
Agent Smith: What? What did I just say?

Yesterday the Official Google Reader Blog posted notification of the “retirement” of all social features including “friending, following and shared link blogs inside of Reader”. Of course the one social tool I’ve embraced is changing and being moved to Google+  another social networking tool I have no interest in at all.

Seems to be a lot of confusion of what is going to happen with the change but I’m primarily concerned on how this is going to effect the fragmentation of conversation between my friends. I don’t really see due to the tools being removed from Reader a big push of everybody I know moving to Google+. I don’t have an account there and at this point don’t see that changing.

A change I’ve been debating is turning this blog into an articles and shared list site where something I would share using Google Reader would just end up here. With services like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ it’s always bothered me as you really don’t “own” your content. With these Google Reader changes sure they let you take your data but that doesn’t change people’s habits and attention. Using vanlandw.com if anybody wanted anything to do with ‘vanlandw’ it would be here and nowhere else.

On receipt of reading the news of the Google Reader changes I shared out the post and these are the following comments from my friends.

Where to go for this type of intelligence? “So in a week’s time” where will this all be? Right now I’ll just wait and see.

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  1. Vanberge says:

    First off, I will state that I do not like this move either.

    However I’m glad it is happening because it will force you to adapt at least marginally to your online experience with your friends.

    “I’m primarily concerned on how this is going to effect the fragmentation of conversation between my friends.”

    I am concerned as well…

  2. Jeffrey says:

    Don’t turn your blog into a “link share” site. If you want that start another site, such as links.vanlandw.com. Thanks.

  3. Vanberge says:

    “Welcome to the new Google Reader”.

    It’s horrid.

  4. vanlandw says:

    The new sharing features are about as horrible as expected. I like the look of the new reader but really it’s a downgrade.

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