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Slow Weekend / Random Pictures

It’s Sunday and I’m waiting for the Lions game to start. Last night I took the following picture and wanted to share it with everybody…

Lil Gato seems to be a fan of Guitar Hero. I’ve catched him quite a bit the last few days slumbering next to heroics and I was able to capture a few decent picutres. When I finally got around to pulling the photos off the camera I found some pretty interesting shots I thought would be fun to share.

This shot is from vanberge’s bachelor party. I just think it’s funny how much technology is just sitting in that one shot. Three laptops, a GPS, routers, modems, iPod cords, and remotes. Just insanity. To the left is even more….

There is a decent picture of my desk. Kinda ugly but it’s possible to get quite a bit of work done. I would really like to do something with stealthing the wires but it’s never going to happen.  I really need a nice pair of good speakers also.

About a week ago we had a nice clog in our shower. Apparently the ladies we share a house with have very long hair and we share pipes so I’m sure everybody can understand the issue. Sadly I got stuck on plunger duty and this photograph was captured. Bending down in that shirt makes me look like a whale.

Just a fantastic photo of the cat. I wish I could have grabbed that picture on higher then 1 megapixel but it’s fantastic regardless. His wiskers look just great and he looks SOOOOO HANDSOME! That will be a picture I will get a print of at some junction. He looks just totally different then he did just a few months ago :-( + :-*

A pretty nice picture of vanbergs’s Cobalt. I was on the road yesterday and I saw a Cobalt with the bottom grills with black panels on top of it that I though looked pretty sharp. I wish I could find a picture of a similar mod.

Apparently now we get into the really OLD pictures. From what I can gather it’s Sully in Flo’s old room in Apple Ridge. Sully really is the cutest cat I’ve ever seen. He was always a little bastard getting into everything but regardless he caused no harm. lol

Here are pictures from when we traveled to the Emerald Theater to see Disturbed in concert. The only thing I can think of when viewing this photo is Elliot still alive? If you are please leave a comment on my homepage ASAP.

Pretty funny group shot from the same concert. That day was freaking freezing. We waiting in line for hours too. Regardless the show was amazing.

Alright sorry for the barage of photos but I didn’t know any other way to do it.  Some of these are really good shots and should be seen by everybody.  Regardless now I’m going to “brb” and make a sandwich and watch Detroit Lions football.

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  1. Megan says:

    You bathe in that shower with all that standing water? EWWW!

  2. Jeff says:

    So what kind of device did you use to capture these images that spanned such a significant length of time?

  3. vanlandw says:

    Flo’s old fugi camera he gave to vanbergs. The pictures were never erased and to be honest there are a lot more I didn’t upload. These were the best of the lot.


    I will soon I’m sorry :-[!

  4. Megan says:

    Oh please do! I would love to see where it resides!

  5. bun says:

    lmao. you just called a gato “handsome” :P

  6. em says:

    sully is too cute!!! i don’t think i’ve ever seen that picture of him. he misses his step uncle.

  7. vanlandw says:

    rusty26…clearly my cat is male thus he can be handsome…he can also be a whale though

    yes sully is way to cute you should have made him get into acting he would have been a hit on any american TV show…i have a few more pics i’ll try to get them up at some junction

  8. bun says:

    never equate me with the hw ever again. jesus. :-[

  9. vanlandw says:

    sorry “bun”…i suck…much apologies :-[

  10. hellokittn says:

    You should update your site :-*

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