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dragonlordfrodo is BACK!

For the longest time dragonlordfrodo had the hottest blog on the internet. I first heard about him on the Cheapassgamer Fourms where he seemed to be infamous for posting very odd pictures of himself and his personal pride about his weight. I then started to read his Blurty Blog that was hysterical (bun and froggie). At his peak of popularity he even had his own domain and wordpress blog that again was hysterical. The comments just bashing his person when all he was doing was being candid was my favorite part.

One day the blog died. From what I’ve heard the gentleman hosting the site for him went D.O.A. and his former site is in ruins. The blog is dead and the DLF fourms hacked. Fast forward to today. I get a random IM from a DLF fan notifying me of his new blog. He seems to still be gabbing about chicken finger subs and pirating various digitial media.

Regardless if you are fans of unique blogs please read DLF and his various archives.  I still find his writing style to be interesting.

Link: Dragonlordfrodo @ livejournal 

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  1. Kramer says:

    Chicken finger sub, hot, oil, mayo. Brilliant. DLF was a misunderstood genius.

  2. Jeff says:

    This post call into question the very nature of who you are.

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