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Vanlandw Imposter on Myspace

Apparently the unthinkable has FINALLY ran it’s course.  After my much vocal displeasure with myspace somebody has created a vanlandw myspace profile. At first glance one MIGHT think I created this page or at least condoned it but futher invesigation that is not the case.

The first thing that should just scream to people “vanlandw didn’t create this!” has to be the main profile picture.  I may not hold myself in the highest regard but no way would I promote myself by displaying myself stuffing food down my face.  If I did have any reason to have a “profile” I would use this picture over anything.

Next has to be just the glaring issues with my “Interests”. I hate to say the “General” section is pretty dead on but I wouldn’t be so blunt.  “HI EVERYBODY I’M WESLEY AND I LOVE HUGE RACKS!”….not very vanlandw if you ask me :-P

Moreover, the movies section is complete BS.  No real male on this planet really enjoys any of the movies listed in my profile and I also wouldn’t make the “justing” typo or say “courage under fire” is a TV program.

I’m not even going to examine the blog entries but clearly those were NEVER scribed by vanlandw.  To sum this up everybody disregard the “vanlandw myspace profile“.  I had no input in it’s creation and I don’t even have the password to remove it.

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  1. Jeff says:

    The funny thing is that I do not even remember what email I used to sign up for that account, let alone the password. So, until I figure that out it is kind of stuck in limbo! :???:

  2. hellokittn says:

    It’s ok Jeff. Most of it is pretty on the mark if you ask me :-P

  3. vanlandw says:

    you are going down jjafuller…..you just wait and see

    and at least i have the best three “friends” ever on myspace that part is dead on

  4. Jeff says:

    Well, I remembered the password, “vanberge4″ but I still do not remember what the email is that goes to it.

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