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Vanberge’s Bachelor Party pt.3

Vanberge’s final weekend of “freedom” is upon us. The plans haven’t changed at all. For Friday night “Payner” and “Tom” should be making their way into GR and it seems we will catch an early showing of “Jackass 2: The Movie” then drink the life out of ourselfs silly and play Guitar Hero at my apartment. Right now we have paintball times 1-4pm on Saturday so we have three hours to shoot the living bejesus out of one another. The plan is to hopefully get to the paintball place at before 1pm so we can be equipped and ready to aim for headshots. People can either meet ot my place early or head straight for Mayhem Sportz.

Date: Saturday September 23, 2006 1pm-4pm

Address: Google Map
2547 3 Mile Rd STE C
Grand Rapids, MI 49544


List now after a few days….

1. Vanberge
2. Vanlandw
3. Vanbergs
4. Tom
5. Flo
6. Enfuego
7. Payner
8. jjafuller
9. Aaron Meyer (Working)
10. Skinny (Personal Matter)
11. R*********e???
12. Darrin Bamm???
13. Devin Brown???

I’ve been meaing to make a few calls to people. Today I spent most of my day in Grand Rapids waiting for car repairs (another post all in itself) so I maybe making a few calls either tomorrow or Friday to see if any interest is there. Also anybody reading this don’t hesitate to call me either. I hate calling people because I’m bad with schedules and I work at like the worst time that would be perfect to call everybody else. Regardless after paintball is the casino. We have a few surprises up our sleeves so the trip will be after showers and more or less food then we will make our way to Soaring Eagle. The night again will be filled with bars and gambling and random other debauchery that could come from the mind of former Laker Village residents. We have one reservation for a hotel and will be coming back Sunday early afternoon.

I love vanhood….brb…is there anybody I’m missing?

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  1. vanberge says:

    I forgot about chouse… i did that last tiem too.

    chouse, if you want to go, that would rule.

  2. vanberge says:

    I told Devin Brown to call you for more info vanlandw.

  3. vanberge says:

    anybody have phil hebenstriet’s ## ??

    for paintballing at least, i bet he’d be interested.

  4. vanlandw says:

    i think i have phils number we wil call him tonight

    vo called me he is out

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