Ef You Treyarch...

Grenade Spam – Call of Duty: World at War – 2008

Before proceeding I must first stricken Treyarch with negative energy.

Their entire development studio deserves infected abscess underneath all their rear molars for allowing the amount of grenade spam present though product testing on the Veteran difficulty level.

With that now out of the way it’s a time for intimate reflection. After trudging though the Black Ops campaign on Veteran and hating myself more then ever it appears my largest undertaking was still to come. After taking about a month break from my self inflected plight to defeat every main Call of Duty game on Veteran (don’t believe me?) came an unexpected itch to twist the ties of fate and take another plunge into hell.

Some circles believe  Call of Duty: World at War is the hardest in the series on Veteran difficulty. I can genuinely confirm this game is evil. If you rather have a video representation of what’s to follow watch the following video and return at your own risk.

World at War is brutal and pulls every lazy trick from the book of cheap video game difficulty tactics. We will just start with the obvious and that’s the inappropriate grenade spam. Without a better way to explain it the enemies have no methods to their ways. While fighting for your life in the middle of the most violent war ever your player character will be playing hot potato half the game to get away from raining grenades. This video is the best one I could find that truly shows the amount of grenades the player has to deal with. That ‘clink’ noise of a landing grenade and the grenade indicator seriously were in my nightmares. There are parts in this game where five grenades showed on the indicator. It’s absolutely asinine.

This game has it all. Your enemies have sharpshooter aim and will put you down in a split second and don’t ever miss. Your enemies will respawn right before your eyes. There’s even one enemy that defies every law of warfare. The level Vendetta includes this notorious sniper battle. In Call of Duty games more often then not, even on Veteran, one shot with a sniper rifle will put down your foe. This fight does not follow those rules. You can pop this guy right in the melon first shot and he won’t go down. Apparently “you just grazed him”. This fight is such bullshit on so many degrees. World at War just changes the rules when it wants and I hate it. FYI you HAVE to hit that guy three times.

The absolute worst part of this game is the first checkpoint on the final level Downfall. It’s a repulsive setup. Your team of Russians are storming Reichstag and decide it’s a good idea to run right up the middle with Barry Sanders on 3rd and 28. There are so many guys and the grenade spam is in full effect. They are everywhere high and low/far and wide. With not many people on the planet on the same sanity level as myself I had to resort to the Internet for assistance. For awhile I tried this method but the way he does it is impossible I have no idea how he made it to the line without getting hit. Some people online say to stay back and go to the right, some people say push forward and go to the left.

For anybody looking for a foolproof way to beat Downfall on Veteran I’m going to fully explain what worked for me after millennia of trial, error, and study. The first thing to do is get right to the point before running up the death trap around the corner. Now here is the stupid part, just sit there. No shit just sit there for about 2-3 mins. After enough of the friendly’s have ran up to the line for some reason that turns off the grenade spam that would follow a push forward. Now we need to get the guys up high but you have to do it in order and a specific way

1) Go prone shoot the hardest guy to kill first 1. You can hardly see him but he’s lethal can kill you in a second.
2) Move forward while prone kill the second guy 2 high to the right he’s easy.
3) Sprint towards 3 the furthest spot back to the wall on a very small set of stairs. Take him down quick
4) Move to 4 prone kill the guy middle right he’s easy.
5) Move to 5 prone kill the guy top right he can be hard he will take cover.

Big suggestion to try to get these five as quick as possible. There are about 5-6 guys ground level that will become aggressive with their shots if you take too long. Move forward towards the line. If you waited there shouldn’t be grenade spam and head left. Right has a hard respawning enemy that killed me countless times and enemies behind harder cover. Left has less guys to kill behind easier to attack cover cover using grenades. Using these tips it should make it possible to beat what I would say is the hardest part of the game. This level still has challenges and the final section requires a step one/step two approach and some nimble and brave movements but it’s not too bad in comparison.

The ABSOLUTE shame behind this madness is without question World at War is the best Call of Duty game. After all the hokey world terror and impossible to follow mind games from Modern Warfare and Black Ops, World at War shows the best this series is do is just show you snapshots of conflict. There isn’t really a “story” to World at War but that is what I’ve come to realize this is what Call of Duty does best. Something missing from the newer entries is campaign co-op so that alone makes this game worth having in your game library. Kiefer Sutherland gives one of my favorite video game voice acting performances with Sergeant Roebuck. He really isn’t given much to work with but seriously Kiefer just screaming orders at you for half the game rocks.

World at War on Veteran is reserved only for ones lost in life and does not come recommended at all. This game is so difficult it made me reevaluate everything previous in my adult life. On Hardened World at War excels and is worth ones time. The challenge is a step up from Halo on Heroic but the battle can be won. Much of World at War on Veteran actually wasn’t too bad but the hard parts were truly hard. Many of the levels can be beat taking your time, being nimble, and smartly moving with cover. Moving forward Call of Duty 2 will be next, but when is anybody’s guess.

The horror…the horror…

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  1. burgetta says:

    Dude the guy in that video is so fuckin funny. That is exactly how I imagined you were through the duration of this game.

  2. vanlandw says:

    The section he plays is rather mild but I adore this video it’s dead on. The way he keeps going prone after getting hit is exactly what is required to survive.

  3. Vanberge says:

    IMO I cannot believe you put yourself through this. You are an extremely sadistic human being.

    I beat World at War on Hardened and it was a miserable experience. There’s no way you enjoyed any part of this game.

  4. vanlandw says:

    I will never forget getting though the last section, standing up and doing a David Draiman fist pump knowing I have completed the once thought to be impossible. That brief 30 seconds of elation was the only “fun” to be had here.

    Veteran is not really fun at all but Hardened is totally the way to go on these games. Veteran is there for only for ruined souls who pray for death.

    I would love to play some co-op with the death cards if anybody wants to.

  5. Jeffrey says:

    I might be up for some co-op action at some juncture

  6. vanlandw says:

    Let me know buddy. I went back and got all the Death Cards.

    There are a few co-op four player achievements.

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  8. Calvin says:

    i have totally given up on this game. its unbelievably hard and i hate it with a passion. not to mension that its just a bronze trophy for completing a level on veteran. in my oppinion they should all be platinums. i have however donee a few of these levels and i can tell you that the levels that you fight the germans with reznov are doable. but when you play as miller, the fucking kamazazee wankers just spring out of knowhere. i recomend TRYING to do the reznov levels first. if you’d like to chat about how unbelievably shit this campaign is message me. PSN – Midngiht_R4VR
    here i am writing a review 6 years after the game was released because this game still fills me with rage just thinking about it. id like an update to make it less impossible, but i know that will never happen. i have completed most cods on veteran without much difficulty (MW2,MW3,Ghosts,Blackops and Blackops2)but this game is truly for the pros. PLEASE MESSAGE ME IF YOU HAVE DONE THIS CAMPAIGN ON VETERAN. well done you jammy bastard.

  9. Eat A says:

    If you think World at War is the best Call of Duty… it’s like nobody’s even heard of Call of Duty and United Offensive.

    All the recent titles are utter shit. Grenades and bonsai charges, poorly clipped maps, boring and non-engaging cutscenes you’re forced to sit through, constantly waiting to actually play the game. But when you finally get to play the game, you’re literally always carrying a pack of helpless retarded bots who don’t throw nades back (but enemies will instantly), who don’t shoot at enemies (while enemies will ONLY target you and ONLY you), and the magic grenades get so fucking old. They’ll spawn 4-6 grenades from thin air right next to you while you’re trying to carry your pack of retarded AI behind you which never helps with pushing through the way the game was designed, they literally wait for you to enter the area and by the time you’re able to you’ve already had to kill nearly all of the enemies yourself.

    I mean, if it was meant to be 1vsEntire Armies, then why not just make it so and not give me a bunch of useless damned retarded AI bot teammates who only block my paths, take the better cover spots or push me and take my cover. Just everything about it screams retarded game design. It only goes unnoticed because it’s a Call of Duty title and that’s what people are so used to. You’d think they’d actually innovate somewhere along the line instead of just copy pasting everything that made the original so great (excluding real PC support and love for the modding community which made the title what it is today for those money grubbing shills at Activision).

  10. Micah says:

    The real trick is timing. Timing the grenade throwbacks with diving for cover. The grenades are your friend, not foe. You can eliminate more enemies with a grenade than with a hail of bullets. Work on accuracy on grenade throwing, and timing the cook off. Then as soon as it is thrown, move forward to next available cover if possible. Like anything, it takes practice. But I managed to complete downfall with less than 1 clip of an mp 40 on veteran. Master the grenade, Padawan. All shall fall into place.

  11. paul says:

    i remember cod waw being really hard, but eventually i somehow found a way through all the levels on veteran. i remember killzone 2 on elite being the worst fps, and some of the stuff in granturismo 5 being nigh impossible (competing to beat lap times of actual f1 drivers, uh no thanks i think ill go outside).

  12. Icicleman says:

    I agree on most of this. Way to much grenade spam and insanely good accuracy. Your enemies seem to be fearless too because of them just running out into the middle of gun fire and gunning you down with their type 100. Not to mention your teams awful contribution. You always have to advance and they can’t hit the broad side of a barn anyhow. I did find the sniper battle surprisingly easy to complete. I actually got it on the first try. There is a doorway where you can crouch that he can barely shoot you at.

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