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Evangelism – Enslaved: Odyssey to the West – 2010

Without truly knowing my writing about games has become about evangelism more then anything. Revisiting some of my older posts the unintended interpretation could be viewed much a push to avoid or a push to seek.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West falls under seek.

In a world flooded with more choice then anybody could ever imagine processing in a lifetime I’ve found word of mouth coupled with valued and trusted opinions is the best way to be introduced to something. This can be applied to practically anything: music, restaurants, books, brands, movies, partners and games.

Sure the Metacritic score is mixed but the only source I trust for game reviews scored Enslaved a strong 4/5 star review. One found the main female character to be a ‘selfish, dishonest and irresponsible‘ person. Another described the primary characters bound to a ‘commitment born of mutual dependency, a desired submission‘. Polarizing to say the least.

Enslaved is an experience open to interpretation  along side a guided thrill ride. Something video games can do quite well.

I fully recommend spending $20 and taking a weekend or two away from Call of Duty and play this game instead. Enslaved is very approachable and the in-game performances alone are worth seeing. There are moments in this game that are genuinely fantastic.

“I think relationships are what makes us who we are. It’s relationships that drive us to do amazing, or terrible, things. I think it’s a brilliant subject to explore,”
-Nina Kristensen Ninja Theory

I agree..

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