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VANLANDW – Relentless.mp3

This wasn’t a fight I wanted but when tasked there was nothing left to do but respond. Back in December vanberge murdered me on wax. He battle rap’d my ass and took the world by storm leaving me bruised and beaten.

Now is the time for me to rise to my feet. I’ve wiped the spit from my face and wiped the tears from my eyes.

This weekend I teased the release of my response and now I’m ready to take the world by storm. The name of the song is Relentless. When getting my flows down the title felt fitting and randomly sprung into mind. The song wanted to be a heavy and verbal hip song song but comes with vocal surprises.

Overall I’m happy with the project and in the future might be worth revisiting. Being able to dig into small scale audio production was interesting and something new for me. The extent of audio work I’ve done previously was just cutting and making clips so taking an instrumental and building something classified as a ‘song’ is something I’m rather proud of.

Production wise clearly I would classify this as a “demo”. Vocal quality leaves much to be desired and for anybody interested in doing any recording DO NOT plan on making anything good on a Rock Band USB mike. Much of what the final product became was due to needing the vocals to be clean thus some manipulation was used. Originally I wanted to make a much more organic song but after hearing the quality of the mike things went in another direction.

For now I’m going to be controlling the release and if it feels necessary I’ll post direct links here but I doubt it. For now please email me and I’ll send links but really don’t hesitate to pass it around. Right now I have the the finalized track, instrumental, sound effects, and the Garageband 08 project files online and available to send download links to anybody interested.

For round one vanlandw vs vanberge clearly it’s up to the public to declare a winner but in all honesty there is no way I’m not #1

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  1. Vanberge says:


    My vocals are unmodified except for the “deep voice” verse intros.

    I agree it was a very fun thing to work on. I used Audacity and the same Rockband USB mic. Makes me feel like anyone can be a rapper honestly.

    I never named my track really. I called the mp3 “vanlandw death” and I guess that is a fitting title to call it. :-*

    LINK: http://www.ericvb.com/misc/Misc/evb%20-%20vanlandw%20death.mp3

    We probably do need an independent panel to determine the winner of this 1st round.

  2. vanlandw says:

    Originally I wanted to do something more along the style of my old freestyles from college. I also wanted to use the same equipment you used so it really wasn’t an option to buy a mike just to make the vocals sound better. Playing around with the vocal settings I found one named “megaphone” that sounded pretty good. Removed the pop and went well with the opening I wanted to use so I just rolled with it.

    For small scale projects Garageband works great. On my Mac I have an older version but it still works great for recording and importing clips. A few times I had to take a .wav and convert it to an MP3 before it would work with it but everything I threw at it worked fine. When I finally EVER get a new computer I’m looking forward to working with the newer version of GB.

    Again the project files are online and if anybody wants them I’ll send the link.

    Really neither of us are “winners”. We live with the torment of eternal beef between the two of us while everybody else gets to reap the bens.

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  4. kramer says:

    Someone email me the link

  5. payner says:

    vanlandw send me the link.

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