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A Subtle Dagger – Assassin’s Creed – 2007

Sometimes being sneaky is the only option. As one can see above Assassin’s Creed is really a game about stealth. All of those people had no idea I was going to end their lives.

Honestly what happened was I rode into this army camp, jumped off the horse, engaged every enemy to hand-to-hand combat and ended all their lives.

Much of the game is pure brute force grinding or at least it felt  it was.

The Assassins Creed series is becoming a big deal. Sales are huge and honestly the stories of these games are worth the time. The shame is the first game can be a bitch to get though. Much of the content here is pure filler and should be avoided. Collecting flags can be addicting but doesn’t come with much of a reward like collecting Agility Orbs in Crackdown. Sure achievements can drive men to strange things but to get though Assassin’s Creed do yourself the favor and avoid being driven to madness. A few notes and recommendations to breeze though this game to progress forward to the better sequels.

The first thing to note is don’t feel bad about skipping objectives in the cities. All the towns have countless civilian save missions that all say the same thing after you complete it. These can be safely skipped. Main thing to note is just do enough objectives to unlock the assassination missions. Sure, there is achievements associated with doing everything but really they are not worth it. Personally I would say a good goal to hit would be finishing this game in a few sittings.

Also, do yourself a favor and just avoid getting the flags and killing all Templars. In the first city (Masyaf) take the time and get all the flags and a simple achievement. It’s a good way to learn the controls and there is only around 20 flags to collect. The larger areas have up to 100 flags and it would be insane to get them all. Finding the Templars is also practically impossible minus a guide. They don’t show up on the game map (a major beef I have with countless open world games) and isn’t really worth the time. Again, sure they are tied to an achievement and this one could be storyline related but really just don’t bother.

The main thing to do is just progress though the story and honestly just do what stays fun. While I played my gut wanted me to accomplish every objective but  story progression I would say is key as the sequels are said to be better games.

Assassin’s Creed is worth a play though and many people I know have tried to finish this game but quit due to being overwhelmed or getting bored. The final missions and the ending to the game is completely worth seeing so hopefully this can help a few people get though it.

Note: I primarily posted this as I liked the title to the post and I wanted to use the photo I took for something.

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  1. vo says:

    I have been trying to collect all the flags and kill all the templars. If you just make that you main goal, it’s easy to do everything else. also, best guide ever: assassinscreed-maps.com

  2. vanlandw says:

    Yup that site is really good. I like how you can check off the ones you have gotten. There is a similar site for Crackdown as well somewhere.

    Eventually I’m going to post my completion stats. I actually got a lot of flags and templars. Mostly when I was playing I started to get really frustrated with the high level stuff. I did all the mission objectives but there is so much that can be skipped.

    From what I’ve gathered there is a lot of people that have tried the game, but quit because there is so much to do and much of it can get fatiguing. The final missions and the ending is really cool in the game more people should see it.

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