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Owning a PowerPC G5 Mac Sucks

It sucks how much stuff doesn’t work or is no longer supported for my platform. Clearly it’s a sign I need a better computer if I can’t even upgrade flash anymore. Practically everything is no longer supported on a non-intel mac other then select applications from Apple. Short list of stuff I’ve tried to upgrade or install that doesn’t work anymore: Firefox 4 beta, Flash 10.2, Pixelmator, and countless games.  I can’t even run World of Warcraft on a G5 anymore if I wanted to go back. Would love some suggestions on what I should get as my new computer it’s so confusing these days.

Time to point and laugh?

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  1. chouse says:

    my pc seems to install it just fine :-*

  2. Jeffrey says:

    I may be cracking my G5 out soon. My macbookpro and windows desktop both croaked within 48 hours of each other

  3. vanlandw says:

    Wow that is horrible news jja. Honestly I love my iMac. It’s a great computer to use and the monitor is amazing. I’d like to sunset it and give it a new purpose but maybe in the next few years I’ll finally upgrade.

    What happened to your terminals?

  4. Jeffrey says:

    Video card on the laptop, and the desktop won’t even boot

  5. Ryan says:

    I hear ya, I have a PowerPC PowerBook G4, I picked it up for a steal, $120, on Craigslist, so I can’t really complain :p But still, it’s a huge pain considering how many programs don’t run on this thing, Skype 5, Google Chrome, Virtual DJ, redsn0w, Photoshop, just to name a few. I guess you just have to find out what does work and live with that, soon less and less will, as everything is being updated and PowerPC is being left in the dust. And being stuck on OSX 10.5.6 isn’t much fun….

  6. Lefty says:

    Facing a similar issue. Just found out flash is no longer supported. Found your post by searching “power pc sucks” ha ha.
    Seriously it’s annoying. Computers suck.

  7. vanlandw says:

    Ryan – GG on the G4 powerbook those are great laptops. I’m in the same boat I’m able to still use the PC it’s just strange that so much stuff isn’t updated anymore. Still hoping to get a good year or so out of that laptop then re purpose it as a juke box or something as I still love the monitor on my iMac.

    Lefty – Best google search string ever.

  8. Ringo says:

    Haha…we’ve actually been selling a few PowerMac G5 workstations at work, though I’m completely honest with the buyers about the limitations. One asked if you could run WoW on it, and I said no. :)

    I’m actually surprised how much Mac users are willing to pay for old and outdated Macs. The G5 we’re selling are around 4-5 years old, but we can get the same for them as a 2-3 year old, much more powerful PCs. It used to be that Macs were usable longer, but that’s not really true if you cross the G4/G5 to Intel gap. I have a Windows/Linux workstation at home, that was about half the price of those equally old G5s when I got it. And that machine has aged much better. It might not run the latest games, but it will run WoW, Skype, Firefox 4, Flash…pretty much anything I’ve thrown at it, with the exception of recent games. I also have a G4 iBook, I got at the same time as the workstation, and it’s just gathering dust. It can’t even play youtube videos anymore without stuttering, as the quality of youtube videos has gone up a lot in the last 5 years.

    Also, Apple doesn’t really care too much about being backwards compatible, they would much rather push you to buy a new machine.

  9. vanlandw says:

    Ringo – Since the Intel push really G5 owners have been pretty lucky considering how quickly the new arch was adopted by users. I got my G5 six months before the Intel run.

    Almost anything flash just cripples my machine it’s honestly getting pretty bad.

    Mac people love their old machines. I don’t plan on selling mine because really I still love that computer and hope to continue finding a use for it.

    Apple still has been releasing Safari and iTunes updates for G5 so really I’m thankful for that. If Apple offered an iMac with a matte display I would upgrade asap.

  10. Machist says:

    Yeah, it is shame that even some basic stuff is no longer supported on PPC Macs, and yes I count Flash as basic stuff. The clock is also ticking for OS X 10.5, after 10.7 comes out they might ditch 10.5 right away or atleast shortly after that, even though there has not been huge waves of malware for OS X it is still nice to use OS that receives security updates.

    And yeah, it is also funny how G4 and G5 Macs still retain value even though they are seriously underpowered when compared to today’s PC’s and infact there were benchmarks where single core Athlon64 smoked Dual G5′s back then… but there’s something different about them compared to generic PC’s, I recently got old PowerMac G4 which I have upgraded a bit, I really don’t know that I am supposed to do with it, it has lousy 867MHz single core processor.. but hey it was free :)

  11. Thunderwing says:

    Owning the first Intel iMac, in some ways, is beginning to suck, too. Almost all newer programs run on it, but some run slowly, as they’re expecting more RAM and a faster processor than I have, at 2 GB RAM (max for this box) and a 1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo. And, since this iMac is 32-bit, it won’t run any of the new 64-bit apps. It’s so frustrating to go through the new Mac App Store and not be able to install some cool apps because they’re only 64-bit! :( As slow as it can be sometimes, though, it’s still incredibly useful and reliable. :)

  12. Charles says:

    I own both a Windows XP PC and PPC iBook G4, each used for purposes where it excels against the other. However, when Firefox came out, I began surfing with the PC, which is hairy-scary prospect–But FF4 is just so polished. So I just want to know one thing: Who is to blame, Mac or Mozilla, when a virus inevitably slips past my security software?

  13. Leo says:

    Check out TenFourFox.

  14. richard says:

    owning a g5 really sucks. besides nonsupported they die rapidly.
    in short
    im switching back to homemade computers and windows.
    buying a 2000 dollar computer which wont run for more than 5 years sucks.


  15. ken says:

    honestly, a lot can be found if you take the time to look- i’ve been up and running on a g5 for roughly over a year now and it’s replaced my 20″ aluminum Imac as my primary machine.. tiger has proven itself to be quite stable, and while it isn’t optimized well for dual-cores, it does use a considerably smaller foot print than it’s successor, leopard.. and as for finding apps, oldversion, macupdate and versiontracker are awesome for older PPC supported apps.. as a platform, gaming isn’t what it has in spades but i don’t limit myself to just one platform. If i need to game, my PC’s got me covered..

  16. atko84 says:

    i have an old single cpu 1.6ghz powerpc g5
    its a brill machine when you take into account its age as the one i have is one of the first g5s ever made it serves me well youtube vids play well i can still use the older software to do modern day tasks and i can find loads of older games that run just fine hell part from the ram my g5 is totally stock and only thing that needs replaying is the disk drive as its stopped reeding dvd but hey for £18 i can get a brand new dl disk drive and with only 1gig ram yes there are faster computers outther but for the cash you wont find a better looking computer hell the g5 is just amazing to look at as well as use. so in short if your not happy with your old macs sell them dont slate them garenteed you miss them when you’ve got rid

  17. Gman says:

    Try mactubes for you tube. Also html5 is supported by Camino and tenforfox. That should allow you to get a few more out of it.

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