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Completion Stats – Dragon Age: Origins

As noted by the strange posts around here the past few weeks my readership I’m sure has noticed I’ve been playing though Dragon Age: Origins. This week I finished the main game with my Human Male Warrior (Morrigan Loyal) on Xbox 360 and figured I would post my “Party Accomplishments”.

Right now I’m finishing the Awakening content with my imported character and enjoying that as well. Originally I was planning on taking a break from Dragon Age but after finishing the game I rolled right into downloadable content. After I’m done with what I’m going to be done with I’ll make another more introspective post. On to the numbers nobody gives a shit about.

Amount of Dragon Age: Origins complete: 62%
Kills: 2836
Demons and undead killed: 325
Fantastic creatures killed: 51
Golems killed: 29
People killed: 791
Darkspawn killed: 976
Bosses killed: 51
Dragonkin killed: 34
Corrupted animals killed: 67
Vermin killed: 238
Dangerous animals killed: 94
Most powerful foe slain: Archdemon
Damage dealt: 738190
Stealing successes: 0
Stealing failures: 0
Items Crafted: 80
Money spent: 341 gold 99 silver 80 copper
Most money at once: 437 gold 51 silver 20 copper
Conversations initiated: 2709
Codex entries discovered: 266
World explored: 96%
Time played: 59:05:34
357 gold 25 silver 95 copper money left over at the end.

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