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Zombie Reminiscing – Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare – 2010

As I’ve written in the past I implored Red Dead Redemption not be glossed over while waiting for Grand Theft Auto 5. I still feel strongly that RDR is without a question a step in the right direction for Rockstar and worth any gamers time. John Marston’s quest for a new life might start slowly but if you stick with him the reward is an ending that sticks and hurts and is more satisfying then most movies these days. For the time crunched gamer (especially fathers) RDR is the one must play from 2010.

Undead Nightmare is just another whole thing all together.

Downloadable Content is something I traditionally stay away from but this year I actually got quite a bit with some being a letdown and some being necessary. I read somewhere that if you really like a game and want to support more like it take DLC as a tip to the developers. With releases slow, buggy, and mainstream for the second half of 2010 I put quite a bit into the tip jar this year. After hearing way too many good things about Undead Nightmare and a recent XBLA year end deal the price was too good to avoid thus I’m back in John Marston’s spurs again. Something I was planning to never do….

Undead Nightmare is essentially a gaiden to Red Dead Redemption. As a completely optional storyline Undead Nightmare serves as a reason to revisit your favorite locations and characters while spicing things up a bit. Shit’s gone zombie crazy and of course it’s up to Dreamland John to unexplainably save the day.

As I did in the main game it was not an option to not get the 100% completion achievement. Reaching 98% completion is absolutely possible minus using a guide. I was able to complete the stranger, and main missions while tackling others challenges to finish the game at 80% in 10 hours. For DLC Undead Nightmare offers a lot and feels like a full game so there is a lot to tackle for $10 dollars. After playing the Mass Effect 2 DLC (especially Overlord not so much Shadow Broker) it was refreshing to hear so much quality voice acting. All the characters sound great especially Marston as he’s still funny and charming among all the “undead” madness.

Then came the Chupacabra.

The Undead Hunter Challenge Rank 5 was a bitch.  This involves tracking down the Chupacabra. This also involves wanting to hurt myself violently. In game they give you no idea where in the world he would be. Red Dead Redemption is a huge game and with no idea where to look of course one would just look it up on the internet. Some asshole Rockstar employee knows human behavor and had the sinister desire to really make gamers earn the 100% achievement. After doing some research the Chupacabra’s spawn could be pretty much anywhere in the Mexico area of the game, of course the largest area. This involves grabbing the fastest horse and just riding around Mexico blindly hoping to find him.

I ended up doing this for over an hour straight and came seriously seconds away from quitting but was able to find him and kill him. For anybody interested here is an image on where I found him but really it won’t help anybody. Checking on the internet to where other people found him didn’t help at all it’s completely random.

ASIDE from the cold Chupacabra hunt Undead Nightmare is sweet. For the average non-obsessive gamer 100g is easy along with  10+ hours of enjoyable missions and storyline. Even if the main game lost you but the commericals for Undead Nightmare during The Walking Dead looked interesting feel free to check it out. Undead Nightmare plays more like a shooter focusing on what made Red Dead Redemption fun.


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  1. chouse says:

    I got RDR for xmas and look forward to playing it!

  2. vanlandw says:

    GG chouse it’s good. Starts slowly but the final third is completely worth it. Just make sure to do the stranger missions and the main missions and the challenges you find fun that is how I would suggest to play it.

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