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Fantasy Football 2010

I defeated vanberge in fantasy football. Van-domination if I say so myself. Congrats to vanbergs for doing the unthinkable the final three weeks of the season. I got second place. Vanberge got third place. The final rankings tell the tale. I did better in 2010 in fantasy football then vanberge.

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  1. Vanberge says:

    What was your record? Mine was 12 – 2.
    One of those 12 wins was over your team.

    You are using playoff rankings as your measure of team merit.

    There are several other notable gauges of fantasy team quality.
    Wins, points per game, etc. :-*

  2. vanlandw says:

    Truth on all accounts.

    You did score the most points in our leauge and have the best overall record.

    What did we all play for in fantasy football? What determines the outcome of the season? The answer?


    I ranked higher then you. O:-)

  3. Vo says:

    If we are just randomly making up stats to determine winners, then I win on virtue of being the blackest man in our league.

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