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Katorgashock – Singularity – 2010

There isn’t much to say about Singularity that hasn’t already been said. I finished the game weeks ago and procrastinated posting my feelings.

My feelings are neutral. Much like diet soda.

Singularity is to Bioshock as Coca-Cola is to Coca-Cola Zero.

Bioshock Lite.

The similarities are abound between the two games and that’s not neccessarly a bad thing. The world always can accept another thinking man’s shooter. Singularity is not the gaming equivalent to House of Leaves but it’s also not The Di Vinci Code.

With Bioshock the alternative to grenades are Plasmids but in Singularity the player character (stylishly/pointlessly named Captain Nathaniel Renko soley so people can scream RENKO to him) is distinguished with the Time Manipulation Device (TMD). The TMD is genuinely a great idea and worth the price of admission. My favorite part of Singularity was all the TMD functions were mapped to the controler rather then assigned per a submenu as in Bioshock. When playing Bioshock I’m positive most players stick to the standard few Plasmids to get though the game only switching when absolutely neccessary. With Singularity there are only the standard four functions and they are implemented well available at all times not requiring the action to stop to use.

The other standout is the Seeker weapon. The gun works like the sniper rifle from Max Payne meets the glaive from Dark Sector. Raven is well versed in brutal violence (Soldier of Fortune 2 anyone?) and exploding limbs with high powered weaponry is always a plus.

Audiologs, flashbacks, upgrade paths, power hungry leaders, and Splicers replaced with Zek’s. Singularity was announced in 2008 and I’m sure between the time of release was altered to be more Bioshock. All of this is fine the shooter mechanics are fun, the game looks good and the story doesn’t completely insult the players intelligence. Like most games these days nothing feels new here but I’m not one to hold a grudge.

Much like Bionic Commando the game ends on the promise of more, a trope I’m staring to highly dislike in games.  When the wikipedia entry for your game notes “Activision was disappointed with Singularity’s sales” clearly there will never be a Singularity 2. The online/multiplay community has perished also do 300+ online achievement points. Some retailers sell this game still for $60 dollars but at a budget price Singularity’s single player is recommended. “Hard” on this game is really not that hard. 660 G missing one single player achievement grinding for none and since the game doesn’t have chapter select I will never bother to go get that last one. Completion stats below since they are easy to look up in the menus.

Health Packs found: 187
E99 Vials found: 31
Weapon Tech found: 33
E99 Tech found: 90470
Chrono-notes found: 22
Chalkboards found: 16
Centurion Kills: 24
AR9 Valkyrie Kills: 714
Volk S4 Kills: 141
Kasimov SNV-E99 Slo-mo Kills: 74
Spikeshot Explosion Kills: 36
Dethex Launcher Kills: 27
Seeker Kills: 58
RLS-7 Kills: 34
Rocket Grab Kills: 7
Deadlock Kills: 43
Impulse Kills: 237
Fire and Freeze Kills: 32
Shields Grabbed: 32
Soldiers Aged: 34
Soldiers Reverted: 24
Rebert Bomber Kills: 0/10

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