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gaming vanlandw hits 30,000

At this point I don’t have any friends within 5,000 points and even myself has been slowing on the 360 as as a whole. I’m no longer a XBL Gold member with no plans to return and only have a few must plays on the system any more. Going to tackle Alan Wake next and might try Dragon Age after the holidays.

Number of Games: 79
Total Score: 30375 / 70470
Total Achievements: 1504 / 3356

Category: Video Games


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  1. Vanberge says:

    GG Van
    It is honestly pretty effing awesome in how short of a time you did this.

  2. vo says:

    GG Van
    I am jealous of the free time you have to accomplish this.

  3. vanlandw says:

    Thanks guys I appreciate the kind thoughts.

    I’ve been on xbox for almost two years so I’ve done pretty good.

    Recently I haven’t been playing that much mostly once or twice a week I get to play games these days. Really since fall I’ve only played a handful of games. After the holidays I should be able to dive into a few things.

    Vo and vanberge I am jealous of both your families. You both are amazing husbands and fathers :-*

    I’m just a child with too much expendable income and lack of responsibility.


  4. Jeffrey says:

    Laura is going back to school in January, so you should probably pick up an XBL membership for three months. We’ve got a backlog of co-op games to hammer though.

  5. Jeffrey says:

    P.S. If you want to meet me for lunch some day you can borrow assassin’s creed

  6. vanlandw says:

    Yup especially the first two weeks in January I will be very open. Suzanne is going away for a few weeks so yeah I’m going to be home a lot. I’m not sure what you want to play. I want to try out the Conviction co-op and go though Halo Reach co-op since I haven’t done it yet. There has been a few games I’ve been just avoiding since I haven’t had anybody to play with recently. Reach would be great with a few people. I played a few matches online with random people in the campaign and it wasn’t very fun.

    Do you have Creed 2? I have the first game on PS3 but I would want to start from the start and would rather play from the start and be able to earn achievements. We should setup a time for a meal especially after the holidays.


  7. Jeffrey says:

    Laura bought me a copy of Reach for Christmas so we can definitely play that. I also picked up a copy of Crackdown 2 on the cheap. I am unfamiliar with Creed so I’ll have to look into it

  8. Vo says:

    I have both AC and AC2 on xbox, van. you may borrow at your leisure.

  9. Cechg says:

    Congratulations Wesg. If you do indeed re-up xbox live, I received reach as a gift and have yet to really play it. I’d be down for some multi-player

  10. vanlandw says:

    I might take you up on your offer Vo. A podcast that I listen to was really talking up the newest game and it does sound interesting so I figured I would blow though 1-2 and try to pick up Brotherhood on the cheap.

    JJA – I do have Reach. Last month I finished Halo 3 on Legendary. Really the last thing I need to do in reach are two of the retail Achievements and I’ll be all done. Co-Op Reach should be fantastic. Shit even the firefight modes (expecially score attack) are fantastic.

    Cechg thank you for the congrats you are a good man. Multiplayer online on Reach is really fun. The Swat modes are fun and I find Halo online much better then CoD. I’m going to be re-up’ing after the turn of the year.

    Also bought DA:O Ultimate Edition today for $30 so next year looks to be shaping up good for gaming.


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