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Samwise Is Pist – Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction – 2010

Prior to Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction I’ve never played past the second level of a Splinter Cell game and to be honest I’m not sure why. In my younger days I might have found the previous titles too slow or the objectives too hard to follow but this series appears as it would be right up my alley and shouldn’t be compltely ignored. Conviction doesn’t suffer from those problems. For in this game all that matters is ‘Objective A’ to ‘Objective B’ and killing absolutely everybody in the way.

The “killing absolutely everybody in the way” is the best improvement Conviction has over previous games in the series. I remember playing Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and being so frustrated not being able to just shoot my enemies. Either I kill a guy then that wakes up everybody to come kill me or I shoot somebody and my bullets don’t hit then he goes and wakes everybody up to kill me. It annoyed me to no end I couldn’t pick up enemy weapons either as the player you would consistantly run out of bullets then be hosed.

In Conviction the path of most resistance is the best way to go. There is no real achievement for even attempting to be “stealth”. Many areas  require you to wax every nameless guard in the way.  There are stealth aspects to the game but most of them are best used for setting you up to shooting an enemy in the hand then in the skull. Noise and body count doesn’t matter just make sure your not seen and everything will be alright. It took me to the last level to figure that out. You can throw all the nades you want to take a group of guys out just make sure nobody is lookin at you when you do it. No area wide alarms so Conviction avoids Alpha Protocol Syndrome.

Having no leadin to the plot Conviction works well for newcomers. Using the tried and true setup of wronged father to justify the countless killings left Sam personally far from sympathetic. He has skills way beyond everybody he encounters and to Sam they all deserve his wraith. Unleashed from governmental ties Sam’s a murderous machine and for the player feels capable behind the gun.

The ending sequence I found to be slightly inspired. Whatever choices are made ultimately don’t matter but I found how everything played out to be fun to play around with. For a video game ending Conviction works better then most and is worth viewing online. The ending I found appropriate conflicted with the name of the game if anybody finds that interesting.

The solo campaign is worth $20 dollars. It’s short but doesn’t feel like it’s ripping you off. At some time if I ever re-up my XBL subscription I would like to try the co-op Prologue at some point and it look’s like it could be worth ones time. Bang for your buck at the price the game is going for now (I got it for $15) it’s worth it. After finishing Conviction I might go back and try Chaos Theory again. The hard core say it’s the best one.  Undecim: 2

Addtional Notes: Nitpick. During the whole game the “Tag and Execute” marker on the hud was always confusing to me. Could never understand if it was full or not so I hardly used that ability. Pro. Sam’s fighting style (Krav Maga) in game is implemented great. Fast and brutal no player character in a game looks like Sam does kicking ass. Sam’s pistol stance (Center Axis Relock) is also really cool and if one is into shooting it’s worth watching videos on youtube to see how it works. Ubisoft truly did a great job making Sam stand out from tradtional gun wielding humans. Nitpick. I hate how these games are still labled “Tom Clancy’s” offically in the titles. Pathetic. The in game advertising for The Rock’s new movie is genuinely out of place and horrid. Truth. VeryTrue

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