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2007 Pontiac G6 Changes

Apparently my aunt has bought a very similar car to the one on the right. Jealously instantly kicks in as I drive a car about 200% LESS COOL then that one.

While reading my awstats apparently my number one google search phrase for vanlandw.com is “2007 g6″ so I might as well post some more information I’ve found regarding the 2007 model.

To be honest this is REALLY old news.  The changes were released back in April and I’ve already seen base models of the 2007 at the dealerships. Regardless I would like to post the best links I’ve found running down the differences from 2006 to 2007.

Link: 2007 G6 Changes f/ GMInsideNews Forums
Link: 2007 Online Order / Reference Guide f/ GM

The good additions are standard anti-lock breaks on all models and side air bags on all models minus the vert. Bad subtractions is the 6 speed manual on the GTP and the removal of the “Stealth Gray Metallic” color.

Personally I still really like this car and for the cost there really isn’t anything better. The lack of an Line In (iPod) port is awful and the more I think about it the more I want to wait for the refresh in a few years.  If I had to buy a car today the G6 would be my choice. Still one of my favorites but it should be better.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Sorry, you can only post a new comment once every 60 seconds. Slow down cowboy.

  2. Jeff says:

    BOO car posts!

  3. vanlandw says:

    lol i hate cowboys so much….and i like this post beucase i can just reference my site for this info rather then search a fourm.

    also this post allowed me to post a pretty car photo :-*

    i can’t wait till you get a high paying job and you buy a new car and you will be so proud of it and you will post about it on your website :-*

  4. Kramer says:

    One option if you really want an iPod in jack would be order one with the cheapest stereo, then buy an aftermarket one to replace it.

  5. FLO says:

    yeah, get an aftermarket stereo. that is probably the best option untill the car comes with a line in option standard. honestly, i’m still very surprised that it has taken automakers so long to make a line in or ipod ready options standard. i have a line in jack in my company car, a 2006 jeep grand cherokee. I use it ever day. the sad part is that i’m going to loose that car in about three days. i’ll have to get one of those transpods or something for my new company car at FOX, a jeep liberty. what a gay car.

  6. hw says:

    The G6 looks like the shitty rental car Grand Prix that preceded it. For the same price, you could actually buy a nice used car and not lose your ass on it. Lemme guess – the radio is the same one that was in my 2000 truck? Thought so…

  7. Jeff says:

    hw, why the hell do you drive a truck?

  8. hw says:

    i said *was*. i had it to go to the mall, of course.

  9. FLO says:

    the G6 is really the only american car that i could see myself purchasing. for the most part i think american cars are cheap. they look cheap on the inside and the outside. they have come a long way, they’re a lot better then in the years past, but they still have a long way to go to match european and asian cars. imho.

  10. Kramer says:

    Two things.

    1: The G6 replaced the Grand Am, not the Grand Prix. The Grand Prix is still in production.

    2: While American cars aren’t quite at the level of Japanese cars in terms of quality, they are much closer than most people think.

  11. vanlandw says:

    I tend to agree with kramer. The G6 is in competiton with cars like the BMW 3 series, the Audi A4, the Acura TL, and the Lexus IS.

    For the BASE of those models you will be paying over $30,000 for those cars where with the G6 for the top of the line you will be at about $25,000. For me price is a big deal as well as my family is a GM family thus I can get employee discounts as well as any GM insentives they are offering at the time.

    Of the GM cars that are in my price range the G6 is the best car. CLEARLY if price wasn’t an issue I would be getting a BMW or a Caddy :-*

  12. Megan says:

    Infiniti. Ctrl Shift 3.

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