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Administrators Punch Card – Bioshock 2 Minevera’s Den $DLC – 2010

In February I posted a mostly positive writeup of Bioshock 2 and even went as far to say I was sad to see the experience end. It’s true!  Playing other games and following many others there is so much the Bioshock series just does right that I come back to and think about. Coupled with the recent announcement of Bioshock Infinite the release of Minevera’s Den could be the last chance (ever?) to enter the underwater abyss of Rapture.

Paid downloadable content has been an ongoing  sore spot for me  and not something I traditionally partake in. For $10 bucks you get a good companion piece to Bioshock 2. The original release comes with nine levels and with the DLC you get three unique areas. There are also a series of new weapons, a new plasmid, and a compressed original Bioshock story. Here I won’t go much into the narrative but the expected themes and twists are all here and the hook that grabbed me was knowing Rapture Central Computing was the area I would be playing in. Punch cards, data centers and the hopes of  evil 1960′s mainframes will get me every time.

Sadly the experience doesn’t come without hiccups. The most glaring problems are the performance issues including large drops in frame rates and ugly texture pop-in. Seems to effect both 360 and PS3 platforms and the texture issue bothered me so much I registered on 2K’s forums and posted about it. This is most prevalent in the first area of the DLC but it makes the game look ugly I’m surprised this got past product testing. The texture issues alone make it hard to recommend to only die hard fans of the series and hopefully will be patched.

It’s never expressively explained why the player character is able to use the vita chambers and the strength progression is rapidly increased and this slightly bothered me and felt disconnected from the main release. The ending also comes with a huge head shaker but brings some added closure to the series.  Even with the performance issues I still enjoyed the release and found it to be a good companion piece to Bioshock 2. Any opportunity to browse the fantastic Bioshock Wikia for trivia makes me happy.

Overall the content took me about maybe 4 hours to complete. Played on ‘Hard” difficulty with vita chambers off like I did with Bioshock 2 but there is no reward for doing so in the DLC. Earned all available 150 achievement points on a single play though, no grinding or use of guides. Finished with over 1000 “ADAM” so I would suggest to spend at will and just use your cash for health and ammo.

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