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I Died A Lot – VVVVVV – 2010

I thought dying 366 times in Ninja Gaiden 2 was a big deal.

As a follow-up to my post from yesterday I ended up finishing the story of VVVVVV. Available on Steam right now for under $5 (Win+Mac) I would suggest to at least try the demo and see if you can handle it. Personally there were only a few checkpoints that truly caused me problems but there are still 12 Trinkets for me to find so I’m positive  I haven’t encountered the hardest challenges.

More so figuring out the puzzles the largest complications with the game is the control scheme. The game is just crying out for gamepad support but I believe there is no easy way to get it working. Using a keyboard and the touchy movement caused me to die hundreds of times but you can learn to work with what your given. Before playing this game it’s a requirement to know death is inevitable.

The soundtrack to the game is 8-bit chiptune fantastical. The tracks are uploaded on youtube to sample but I plan to pony up a few bucks to pick up the .mp3′s as I found the songs memorable.

Even though I primarily write about  A+ 200 man development team releases indie games have a charm that I migrate to from time to time. There are many indie releases I’m following and plan on buying (Super Meat Boy and Bastion) and so many already released finding the opportunity and the money to either buy or donate to everybody sometimes proves difficult. Writing posts about games with really no faults is always hard and I’m sure never interesting for anybody. I leave this boring recommendation with a picture of my Rock Band 3 band.

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