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Good Customer Experience – Toys R Us – 2010

Vanbergs gave me a heads up on a good deal that is active for $10 dollars off Xbox 360 games at Toys R Us. The catch is you have to ask somebody working for one of the cards as they are not advertised or openly available on the floor. Retail is not something I really like to deal with especially with gaming and ESPECIALLY being 30 years old. It’s that whole “haven’t you grown out of that shit yet” stigma.  I love getting cheap games so I said ef it I was going to go in there and bite the bullet.

Enter the 28th Street Toys R Us

Much to my surprise the guy working there knew exactly what I was looking for when I asked for the card. He went straight to the back room explained to me how the deal works and what they have been experiencing regarding the free games (it’s nerfed sadly) and that the card still works for games $14.xx and up and was helpful and pleasant. Ended up getting Halo Wars for $10.xx after taxes and when I rang out they let me keep the discount card as apparently it’s a collectable.

The guy working told me it’s a deal sponsored by Microsoft as they are biting the bullet on the discounts so I have absolutely no problem abusing this card to get a few more $10 dollar games. Toys R Us was cool and they FINALLY working on fixed their gaming section not be a plastic prison. I’ll need to start going there more often and I would suggest others to as well after today….well minus during checkout getting being asked to buy batteries I didn’t need, a protection plan I didn’t ask for, and a rewards card I wouldn’t use. The first guy was nice though.

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  1. vanbergs says:

    The funniest part is the fact that it was probably the same guy that I explained to him how everything worked. Glad you made off with a good game and a good experience vdubs, they were very cool at that Toys R Us for me as well

  2. vanlandw says:

    Yup I ended up going back and getting four games total visiting both GR TRU’s and had no problem using and keeping the coupon.

    From what I heard next week’s deal is Alan Wake or Crackdown 2 $15 dollars off so I might be making a returning trip.

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