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K2 Upgrade

Today I was debating upgrading the theme on vanlandw.com.  I tried out one that changed my language to German I believe.  I also ran into a lot of issues with upgrading to the newest nightly build of K2. For anybody that has issues viewing the page now PLEASE CLEAR OUT YOUR CACHE.  For some reason I had a big problem with that (even doing a full reload of the page didn’t help).

So far the newest version of K2 is great.  It intergrates fully the live archives I hope people take advantage of.  Also I was able to implement with no issues a Recently Commented option I’ve started to grow fond of on other weblogs. The search function is greatly improved as well.  Soon I’ll hopefully work on the “look and feel” of the site.



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  1. vanbergs says:


  2. vanberge says:

    pretty sure that metroid has to go….


  3. FLO says:

    I like the style, but I don’t know if I like samus. I think I miss the days of Solid Snake. What ever happend to that?

  4. vanlandw says:

    Solid Snake is not coming back. I’ve been thinking about putting up my old blosxom site but i will need to be really motivated to do that. I like the image it’s staying for awhile even though I need to get a better image quality I did the conversion at work using some crappy microsoft image creator thing.

    ef you vanberge :-*

  5. vanbergs says:


  6. vanlandw says:

    you should get off the floor vanbergs :-*

  7. bun says:

    samus is a puss :P

  8. vanlandw says:

    clearly since changing my header I haven’t gotten one positive comment about anything I’ve done :-(

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