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Best Name Ever

Last week at some point I was watching a video of somebody beating Halo 2 on Legendary difficulty in record time without perishing. (If anybody cares you can download the video HERE). Regardless of how cool that accomplishment is this post really isn’t about that at all.  After that guy just destroyed the video game I was watching the ending credits and found something interesting….

APPARENTLY somebody with the name “Van Van” works at Microsoft on Xbox Live implementation.  Without question that person has the best name ever.  I thought being a “Van” was enough but that guy just up’s the ante on vanhood.

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  1. Jeff says:

    The funny thing is, is that the name “Van Van” isn’t even dutch, it is hispanic.

  2. FLO says:

    wow, that is so freaking funny gato. all this time, “van” is hispanic. LOL!

  3. bun says:

    LMAO! i knew there was something spicy about the Vans. I’m sure Vanberge and Vabergs were among the wealthy elite who fled Cuba to come to Florida’s open market :P

  4. vanlandw says:


    also “bun” who is “vabergs”…….please explain that one to me ;-)

  5. kicker77 says:

    i found on need for speed undergrouns rivals for psp…there is a dude named hi wang

  6. kicker77 says:

    my bad underground* is wat i meant…so that is the best name ever

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