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Movie Sunday

Apparently I had the most Lazy Sunday of all time. I woke up and ate tons of food and watched the newest Mythbusters (Shattering Subwoofer/Rough Road Driving). Then I went home and drank coffee and ate crap loads of food while computing and watching four movies. In order..

I honestly haven’t watched many movies recently so it was nice to watch some action flicks and LMAO. Clearly Rambo 2 was my favorite. Somebody should do a very “bauercount’esqu” count of how many people Rambo kills in that movie because at one point he is killing people almost constantly. If this type of weekend comes up again can anybody think of just any hugely violent films we missed?

Update: I forgot about Robocop :-[!

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  1. hellokittn says:

    Dolph… *purrrrrrr*

  2. hw says:

    rush hour 2 imho

  3. Jeff says:

    Those movies are ALL awful.

  4. vanlandw says:

    negative jja….showdown is campy and fun…Rambo 2 is a great movie…

  5. Kramer says:

    Face/Off is a good bodycount movie.

  6. vanlandw says:

    kramer i agree fully..i’ve been meaning to rewatch that…in due time O:-)

  7. vanbergs says:

    You left out Robocop: Criterion Collection…how could you leave out the best one?

  8. FLO says:

    Action Packed Sunday was one of the best days that I’ve had in a long time. Every one of those movies rulled. Every one! Sometimes, you just have to watch action movies from the 80′s and 90′s. We all need to have more days like that. And right soon.

  9. hellokittn says:

    What Flo meant to say is, let’s have a Molly Ringwald chick flicks marathon.
    :-D .

    Gato has spoken.

  10. vanbergs says:

    Gato is going to get her vocal chords surgically removed to prevent further instances of this “speaking”.

  11. Megan says:

    Wesley, you have a photo of a half naked, chiseled, wet, man in this post.

    Sixteen Candles and the Breakfast Club.

  12. FLO says:

    Gato, I said ACTION movies from the 80′s and 90′s. Not movies that suck the hell out of my dong on a monday evening while i watch “24″.

  13. vanlandw says:

    clearly gato and goedge can have their “chick flick” night while then men buy hookers drink moonshine and watch violent movies ;-)

    and yes goedge…i have a half naked male on my homepage…i figured the three women that read my site would like it ;-)

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