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Working Sucks – Rework – 2010

Recently I’ve been spending a lot more time reading.  In my adult life I’ve found my free time interests seem to be cyclical. For awhile I’ll go though periods where I’ll read a lot. Then I’ll switch over to watching a lot of film or catch up on TV programs. Up till now for about a year I was really heavy into PS3/360 gaming. My lack of enthusiam with this years E3 conference and future industry offerings along with my 360 failing again, I’ve switched back over to reading for the short term. For my next series of posts I wanted to put together some thoughts on what I’ve been reading.

Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemejer Hansson: I’ve always been interested in books about process or life improvement in regards to work time or personal finance management. My discovery with these type of books are it’s impossible to take these books as 100% “I’m going to live my life exactly like the text says”.

Any book like this I take a look at what I’m already doing and take pieces and try to implement what I find could into my life. The 4-Hour Work Week is a great example. My lifestyle and interests didn’t lead me to a path of disconnected entrepreneurial bliss but I did learn about how my time is much more valuable then I ever understood it was. Your Money or Your Life resonated similarly with me. The first step in the book was to learn to jot down ALL of your purchases to keep track of where your money is going daily. That is something my brain couldn’t comprehend but parts of that book I was able  to implement in my personal money management.

Rework I approached the same way as bits from the book I was able to learn from but clearly this book was not  written for my career path in mind. Rework is structured like a condensed visual manifesto of a series of rules and lessons the authors used as a backbone to start their small software development company. Many of the rules are retread of ideals I believe in (meetings are crap/commitment to customer service) to thoughts for the future (the proper way to mean your sorry/ef ASAP).

The book is a very short read coming in under 300 pages and I would say over half the pages being illistrations. This book is availble though the GRPL and I would say would be worth a purchase in trade back form. For people in management roles or the self employeed this book might be of higher value. I enjoyed the hard hitting writing style but some might not find the book interesting or up their alley but ultimately it comes recommended.

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