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Grid Wars 2 Kicks Ass

A big selling point of the xbox 360 has to be Geometry Wars. I’ve wanted to play the game since seeing a demo on TV but really can one jusitify paying $400+ dollars to play a $5 puzzle game?

Finally I found about the perfect clone….

Sadly development has been stopped by Microsoft… 

Forums come though again… 

Grid Wars 2 is a pretty fun and addicting game and I recommend to everybody.  A version for both PC and Mac OS X exist but sadly are not supported or being developed anymore.  Seems that Bizarre Creations (A Microsoft Development House) is protecting their copy write and stopping “clones” of their game.  I hate to say this but I do agree with them. Grid Wars 2 is pretty much Geometry Wars BUT it was being released for free and if Bizarre cared so much about this why don’t they release a PC/OSX version?

After doing some searching I was able to find downloadables of the game (that includes a Star Wars addon) and played it for hours.  I need to get a good game controller for my Mac.

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  1. hw says:

    that game is quite fun van. gg

  2. vanlandw says:

    it is fun hardware…i’m glad you enjoy it…a good way to kill 10 mins while at gvsu :-D

    vanbergs….enjoy your brb :-\

  3. hellokittn says:

    I still haven’t called that guy back… lol.

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