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Driving Racing Crashing – Project Gotham Racing 4 – 2007

After recently getting a chance to get a small taste of Forza Motorsport 3 I had the inch to play a racing game. “Driving” is not a genre I normally don’t get involved with since I drive way too much in real life but sometimes a racing game can be fun if done right. The last racing game I invested any effort in was the original Forza Motorsport in 2005 so it was time to dive into the backlog and plow though Project Gotham Racing 4 before investing in any new titles.

I was able to get a good deal on PGR4 though a XBL bundle though of all places Best Buy last March. 13 Months of XBL/PGR4/Extra Headset/Chat Pad/Two Movie Tickets to Watchmen for $50 dollars. Knowing that this game would not be as polished and streamlined as Forza 3 was tough to stomach at first but after getting into career mode I was able to make some fun for myself.

For shooters I find myself playing the harder difficulties as I’m so leet and no enemy can touch me. For PGR4 I played on “Easy” like a puss since for the most part I suck at video game driving. After playing Forza 3 and loving the rewind feature I wanted to avoid as much as possible the “restart race” plague of racing games. Since most games in the genre require you to win races to progress and many times one bad turn can cost you the race it’s can be a time sink to keep retrying the same races. PGR4 on Easy mode is very forgiving but still challenging enough not to be a bore.

After finishing as much of the career mode as I wanted to I decided to do some achievement clean up. My favorite moment of the game has to be earning the Catch ‘Em All achievement. Requirements for the achievement are to “Swap paint with every opponent in an eight vehicle race”. At the time in the game my next race in career mode was an eight vehicle eliminator race against seven motorcycles. Thankfully I was able to choose whatever car wanted so I used the Koenigsegg CCX and ended up just plowing over every single motorcycle in sight for five minutes. This was hysterical to me. This video displays the methodology behind the achievement but I promise I did it in a much more interesting fashion. Reminded me of the old days of playing the Nascar games and instantly just turning your car around and in “Wrong Way” plowing into everybody.

Overall the game is still playable even with better racers on the market. The arcade rules and modes alongside real cars I found enjoyable and matched my play style and automotive interests. I played slightly over one year in career mode and tried every other mode in the game mostly for achievements and to try out my favorite cars. Over the course of the few days I played the game I tried multiple times to get into a race on XBL and sadly nobody was playing. Earned 630g getting 30 of 60 achievements with the ability to grind for more but decided not to. The soundtrack sucks aside from the Disturbed song. RUBY RUBY RUBY!

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