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Saugatuck Film Festival – Deforce World Premiere

Yesterday I had to pleasure of attending the world premiere of the movie Deforce though the Saugatuck Film Festival shown at the Saugatuck High School. Being my first time attending the film festival I wasn’t sure what to expect. Overall the expereince was great (minus one terrible person) and the movie comes highly recommended to anybody given to chance to see it.

Tickets were $10 so around the same as seeing a wide release. The showing was just in the school and I completely forgot how important stadium seating is for seeing movies. We got to the venue a little later then expected (about 10 mins before the showing) and the place was packed. I got stuck behind some large older man so I had a hard time seeing the screen and had to keep moving to look around his dome. Sitting behind me some very rude person that kept making a sucking or slurping noise though the entire showing. Multiple times I looked directly back at him out of annoyance but he wouldn’t stop. Throughout the viewing I tried my best to ignore him and enjoy the film but he was an asshole regardless.

Deforce is about the history of Detroit though the rise during the automotive/war years though the decline starting in the 1960′s though today highlighting the corruption of the Kwame years. There is plenty of history to learn and some great shots of the Detroit Ruins. The stories are punishing and the interviews are enlightening. I would classify this as a must watch for anybody but especially eastsiders and burb crawlers. Hopefully the documentary will come to Netflix for a wider audience as I know many I would love to be able to see this movie. For readers of the book Middlesex (not the sexology but the setting) the history here will be right up your alley.

Before the feature they showed the short film named “U.S.A.” that was filmed in Chicago. The only thing notable about the film was I swear they used sound effects from Half-Life 2 as the soldier in he movie sounded like he was in the Combine. After the viewing the director of Deforce came out and answered questions. He was very down to earth and answered all questions thrown at him strongly. Deforce comes highly recommended and  if I hear of the film getting a DVD, theater, or streaming release I’ll make sure people know about it.

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  1. Jeffrey says:

    This is a nice post. I have been meaning to checkout that film festival but I’ve never got around to it. Your experience doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

  2. vanlandw says:

    I am glad you enjoyed the post jja. They actually do a pretty good job with everything it was mostly my own fault not picking a better place to sit and the rancidness of humanity.

    You should check it out next year check the site and I’m sure something is playing that could be interesting for the jja.

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