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Good Deals Are The Best

Amazon’s Gold Box deal had Mass Effect 2 at an extrodinarly good price. Thankfully I was home at time to jump right on it and score another good deal on a new’ish game. I’ve had rolling $10 game credit though Amazon for months and for the surge of new releases in 2010 I’ve saved over $100 over retail on my gaming purchases this year for various new releases. As much as it seems I spend a truckload of money on games many I’ve purchased for less then the price of a sitdown meal at a restaurant.

Note: Forgot to mention this purchase apparently qualified me again for a $5 MP3 credit. I was able to find one song (ending song from the documentary Moral Kombat) for download I’ve been meaning to get for awhile and would love to find some hidden jems on Amazon MP3 for download. Seriously any song recommendation would be appreciated.

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