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Stats Me – Halo Reach Beta – May 2010

A little late posting about the Halo Reach multiplayer beta as it closed a series of weeks ago but I wanted to get some stats posted before Bungie pulls them down. Thankfully I was able to play a few solid evenings with friends before the beta ended and after missing the Halo 3 beta it was a pleasure to partipicate and get some pre-release time with the game.

They even gave me a nice sweatshirt for showing up!

They even gave me a nice sweatshirt for showing up!

I was able to play 24 invasion mode games (11 victories Total Time Played: 00d 03h 45m), one arena mode game (1 victory Total Time Played: 00d 00h 12m), and 16 standard games (Grab Bag/Free for All/Network  Test 1 9 victories Total Time Played: 00d 03h 45m).


My player stats leave a bit to be desired. 387 kills/397 deaths/158 assists. Playing invasion matches in partictuar I felt that the death ratio was way to high in the game. Many of the modes are made to play franticly thus to win sometimes you have to throw yourself into situations tactiaclly that might not be intelligent. Your spartan is built to die. Best guess my average life was never over 60 seconds.

Conditioning to console mulitplayer could be in play for my inability to dominate. In Halo 3 when you die and the wait to respawn is way longer then in the Reach beta. Death is even a more active experience in Reach where at times you can pick your respawn point and your loadout. My favorite addtion is a carryover from co-op campaign where you can respawn at party member. Sadly this comes with a downside of if your friend if flying in the air and you spawn next to them you could possibly fall crashing to the ground. About five of my 397 deaths were accounted to this.

Most of the new addtions I found did not break the Halo experience. Aside from the strength of grenades (way to powerful) all the armor abilities felt fair and none of the new weapons felt over powered. As a Halo sceptic to Halo avocate Reach should be a fantastic game and might be the only game released in 2010 worth $59.99 plus 6% Michigan sales tax.

Note: Bungie has increasingly becoming less transparent. Their Bungie Weekly Update expecially the ones after the beta I found interesting to see how open they were regarding impending changes to the game come Fall. Also the Bungie Podcast is a good listen if you have any interest for a small insiders view to the development process. Both are worth checking out and is a small commitment. The weekly update clearly comes weekly and the podcast comes out I found about once a month.

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  1. vanbergs says:

    rotf, I played for just over an hour total:

    8 games played

    51 kills

    88 deaths

    27 assists

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