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Stray Gato

Rather then recapping something that was already wrote about just read this post. For the lazy I ate pizza, heard cat weeping, and found a feline.

From what we can gather this is a female cat. Also this cat must belong to somebody. She is way to domesticated not to belong to somebody. The first night after deciding to bring her into the house the cat kept crying and crying. She was looking for a litter box. After putting a litter box together she was fine. The cat seems to like hanging out with people and is very vocal. Also eats like vanberge at a chinese buffet. What to do next is the toughest part about this new little burden.

Everybody seems to enjoy the feline and wants her to stay around. Personally I feel I have to at least attempt to find the orginal owner. Not becuase I don’t like the cat but I could imagine how it would feel to somebody to loose a sweet cat and not be able to find them. A living animal really isn’t a “finders keepers” type of thing to me. Today I posted 21 signs around the neighborhood with my phone number attempting to find the owner. Tongiht I will make 20 more and Distribute them accordingly. If nobody claims that cat I guess she is ours.

Rather then being depresing here is a cute youtube video of the feline in action. Anybody know of good cat reference sites? I honestly have no idea how to care for cat. Also where is the best place to buy cat stuff on the cheap??!!?

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  1. vanbergs says:

    It’s not hard to care for a cat, all “cat stuff” is cheap when you don’t buy the most expensive kind of food for it, and perhaps you should get a subscription to Cat Fancy Magazine :-) They would have lots of good ‘FYI’ IMHO vanlandw!!!

  2. vanlandw says:

    who are you vanbergs

  3. Em says:

    Wesley, that kitty is the cutest. I hope you decide to keep her (if owners are not located). As the owner of cats, one still with us, one no longer (Cosmo, RIP) Stray cats are the best… they are totally grateful…. plus cats are sooo easy, they are totally independent. You are awesome to let her in your house :) You are The Wesley.

  4. Jeff says:

    It in inconceivable to me that someone would find their cat via a couple of “lost cat” posters strewn about. You should leave your contact information with the human society, police, and what not so if someone has called or will call looking for their cat they can direct them to you.

  5. bun says:

    he really is wesley. get a dog instead, van. brb.

  6. hellokittn says:

    i hope little mistress gato gets to stay at your domicile :-[. i’m rather smitten over her.

    you’re doing just fine being gato-daddy. i have cat toys, i’ll find them tonight.

  7. vanlandw says:

    Thank you everybody for your kind words of the gato. I think the gato hates me though he always runs away from me and anytime I go visit late at night all he does is stuff his face with food. Oh well, that is what I deserve for buying food, creating a litter box, cleaning his room, vaccuming his room, making him toys, and saving his life.

    Oh well at least he is warming up to my roomates and he isn’t loathed. I am sorry to hear about your gato Miss Holland. Geoff you make a great point about calling the humaine society. Bunny, dogs are WAY to much work. Holagato, find the toys please if you have any. If not I will buy some.

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