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Short Game Review – Peggle Extreme – 2007

Peggle came on my radar due to seeing browndr consistently on Xbox Live playing this game. After discussion I came to find it was his mother-in-law who was actually logging all the time. He did vouch that the game was fun so after finding out a Valve themed version of the game called Peggle Extreme was free on Steam I decided it was time to check the game out.

Peggle is about as casual as gaming comes. You hurl balls at dots scoring points to progress to the next puzzle. Peggle Extreme is more or less a glorified demo with only 10 levels. Upon launching and exiting the game you are nagged to upgrade to a version with more levels and features but for free what can you expect.

The game runs flawlessly on my EEEPC at 1024×600 resolution. So far I played though the brief adventure mode scoring 4,111,000 points.

The game is fun and addicting. There are versions available on almost every platform imaginable and comes recommended. At some point I plan on getting a full version of the game but I’m not sure on what platform. On my PC I could play everywhere but the 360 version would be nice too.

Note: Insult Swordfighting has a great post advocating games like Peggle over latest and greatest AAA titles.

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  1. Vo says:

    I love Peggle. Easily one of the best Live purchases I have ever made.

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