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More then any form of media ever produced 24 has been just a gigantic part of my life. For close to ten years, nearly a third of my existence, I’ve watched, dissected and played the part of one the most non aggressive fan boys of all time. 24 was a show that was made for me. On my path the thrills and emotions throughout eight seasons are ones I’ll never experience personally. Though the perfect episodes to the shitty filler episodes it’s been a long ride that all came to an end today.

Minus all emotional ties I don’t foresee a fictional character ever being better then Jack Bauer. Built as a cumulation of the great action characters of the 80′s and 90′s regardless of all the bad he did the good out weighted it. We rooted for him when in all honestly we almost shouldn’t have. For the good of the country somebody had to cross a line and he was written as the thankless hero something I’m sure almost anybody could identify working in today’s marketplace.

Today was the last new episode of 24 as we know it. Today brought back many memories of season finales past. Parties, pizza, booze, excitement, brotherhood, vanhood, theories, drama, death, and the future. Today after a long day of work and hot weather I geared up for my own personal 24 party with two 24oz’s of Bud, a slightly unhealthy dinner and me and Tepper watched the final two hours. By 8pm I was honestly as excited as I ever was. After a strong series of good episodes after a weak series of bad episodes I had to find out how everything was going to end. Retribution must be fulfilled. For the last few weeks I’ve been thinking heavily to how the show was going to spend it’s final hours.

In the end like most finales I’m not sure how I feel about everything. Stories were completed, emotions were spent, and sweet slumber was teased. On the final seconds I did find myself emotional but for all the wrong reasons. On my couch was an empty pint of beer with all the posiblities of the world ahead of me. Where 24 ended was far from where it started but my heart told me everything was for the good mirroring the narrative. I did something I haven’t done in ages and was something I did after every season. I smoked a cigarette. Slightly intoxicated but ahold of myself I took a walk around the block and ended up in front of the church around the corner of my house and looked at the american flag and for a second just thought about what 24 ending meant.

It’s time in more ways then one.

No other form of media has ever given me as much as 24 has. It wasn’t much but as all forms of entertainment these days feel built to fight for your attention and your money this show was a conduit if only for a time that gave me more. Though the bauercount years, to going out with friends to the bar after the episodes and the friendships that were earned and strengthened though the show 24 was my Twin Peaks. Many people over time have dropped off the “Bauer Power Hour” as the show quality to a degree dropped but I still feel aside from a few programs nothing else on television even came close to what 24 was doing. The show to me was a natural progression from the 80′s action movies I loved growing up to a modern day explosion drama.

In the future I might discuss season 8 and the show in length but I doubt it. Weekly episodes are over and there is nowhere to go but forward. My tentative plans is to do one final watch of all seasons now knowing the ending then put the show to rest. In the future time permitting for all parties I would love to put up a completed archived bauercount.com.

My thanks go to the 24 staff. The first five seasons I would absolutely recommend to anybody on the planet as borderline perfect television. At this point I would still consider 24 my favorite show of all time and don’t foresee that ever being surpassed. For me the clock keeps ticking.

I’m going to watch the first episode now.

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  1. Vanberge says:

    I’m glad that it seems 24 did not fully disappoint the people that continued to stick loyal with it.

    Personally, I found seasons 7 and 8 to be awful…

    The pain and frustration of watching 24 become a shadow of its former self was far too great for me to “stick it out” and see it through to the end.

    I will never watch the last half of season 8 – I have spoken to Vanbergs about the finale and he seemed to be a little more unhappy with it than you were.

    Overall, I’m just glad it is over with. If they make a 24 movie, I’ll go see it.

  2. vanlandw says:

    I liked the first hour of the finale but the second hour had way to much to fit in. Aside from being almost the same ending as season 4 there wasn’t enough closure to really grip onto anything.

    Seasons 6-8 are pretty much skipable but Redemption is pretty good IMHO. Hopefully the movie is like Redemption Chloe/CTU free.

    24 could be good but the weight of what made the show good for long time fans sometimes can be hard to stomach after so long.

    The Shield’s ending had more weight but 24 ended close to how I expected to and the finale did have some good moments. It didn’t change the world but I wouldn’t say I was overly disappointed.

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