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Short Game Review – Picross 3D – 2010

In Picross 3D the player uncovers solutions to puzzles in 3D. Not shitty movie 3D but in video game 3D. Using the DS stylus, you’ll chip away blocks to uncover a shape and use numbers as clues.

Found out about this game per a recommendation and showing the cover art to women will make them melt because it’s so cute. The game I’ve found can both be enjoyed by men and women and at $20 Picross 3D has a low cost of entry.

Things start off easy with a gradual but fun tutorial and even the beginner difficulty contains hours of puzzles the so ease of learning is well paced and not boring.  So far in my solutions uncovered letters to animals and slowing learning all the tricks of the trade.

When I bought my DS Lite years ago I initially was interested in catching up in GBA games I missed and playing core games that require a lot of time and dedication. I’ve found that the Touch! Generations games and puzzle games are what I find most enjoyable and plan on buying more games like Picross 3D to round out my DS collection before games start getting hard to find.

Picross 3D comes highly recommended to any DS owners looking for a game that can be played in small intervals and shared with an significant other. At the point of this writing I have finished over 40+ puzzles and downloaded a series of additional puzzles using WiFi. Plan on playing as long as I can keep solve puzzles.

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