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Good Customer Experience – Thai Fusion – 2010

As noted on my previous Poor Customer Experience this weekend I was out and about town bummin around trying to blow some gift cards. After a few stops food was decided to be in order. Discussion brought me to a new place on 29th/Broadmoor called Thai Fusion.

Being a Sunday hours at any establishment in West Michigan can be screwy so I decided to get out of the car and check the hours sign and failed to look at the opening time and only the closing time so after seeing the doors were open we went inside assuming the place was open.

We got there at about 3:20p but their official hours didn’t start till 4. Speaking with the server she was very understanding about the misunderstanding as their front door was wide open and she went and checked in the back to see if we could be seated. We were very clear about it being fine they weren’t open and would have come back after 4p.

The server came back said it would be fine for us to be seated and we had a nice lunch in an empty and quiet restaurant.Ended up ordering a shared meal of spring rolls and vegetable fried rice that was spicy and filled with various goodies.

Thai Fusion comes very recommended as the service and the price was right. Lunch for two after a healthy tip was under $15 dollars.

If the owners asked I would make them www.thaifusionmichigan.com for free as it’s almost impossible to find information on their establishment on the web.

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