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Poor Customer Experience – Blockbuster Video – 2010

This weekend one of my goals was to blow all of my gift cards. I’ve been sitting on a series of them for awhile and wanted to get a start on getting rid of them and hopefully have some fun while doing so (that I ultimately did). While going around town I wanted to check the status of a Blockbuster gift card I’ve had dormant for over and a half on the hopes of soon using the money on something cool.

Last time I used it the CSR at Blockbuster gave me the impression that gift cards will expire after two years even though right on the card I have it says “No service fees or expiration dates apply to this GiftCard”.

Enter the East Beltline Blockbuster

Browsing the store I was unable to find a single thing to buy so I had the CSR check the status of the card for me out of curiosity before I left. While explaining the situation I let her know the last time I used the card the previous CSR gave me the impression the cards would expire and asked if she could check the balance for me. Using the card runner at the desk the card wouldn’t work so she scanned the card using her scanner.

“Card doesn’t scan”.

She was just a bitch about it I’m assuming she thinks I found/stole the card who knows but she said three times “Card doesn’t scan”.

I take my card back and leave PO’ed and a little scared the money on this card is lost forever.

A quick Google search found took me to a page on Blockbuster’s own site that can check the remaining balance of gift cards. The results were as follows….

The CSR I would assume could just punch in the numbers on the card on her terminal to check the balance for me but she failed. Sadly a bad experience that I’m all more then getting used to.

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