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Question f/ My Minimal Readership

Does anybody know of a clothes for cash place for mens clothing in Grand Rapids? I don’t care about how much money I can get mostly I just want to get more then nothing over a donation to goodwill/salvation army. Some of my clothes will be donated but I have brand new unworn clothing I would love to make a few bucks on. If anybody knows of anything leave in the comments and thank you very much. Better posts coming soon…..

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  1. Jeffrey says:

    Originally I cam here to comment on this post. But, now I have to comment on this theme. What…were you thinking. :-p

  2. Flo says:

    Craigslist. I just sold all my old CD’s on craigslist for a ton of money.

  3. vanlandw says:

    Goedge – I checked their website and they are really only looking for newish clothing. Alot of these clothes are older not “brand” name clothes that were gifts that don’t fit and never fit. I am going to check there first to see if I can get some dough.

    JJA – Do you have any other suggestions on a good theme? I’ve enjoyed this so far and I do have plans to modify it in the future with hopefully a personalized logo. Still working on getting everything where I want it sadly this going to take some time.

    Flo – I have some stuff I plan at some time selling on Craigslist like that stupid wooden circle coffee table and maybe some computer stuff. The clothes I’m not sure I might throw them up there they are all “mediums” and never worn half with tags.

    Thanks for the feedback MUCH appreciated!

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