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Birthday Weekend

I’ve been waiting to post until my birthday was over. It was a pretty busy and fun weekend and turned out much as I expected. I did some fun stuff and oddly enough I accomplished quite a bit. With my downtime and I ended up just hanging out by myself most of the time while also getting out with amigos from time to time. The weather didn’t help much as for the 17th the temp got up to 97F in GR. Thank the lord for gatorade.


Apparently for the time being I don’t work late on Friday’s anymore. Flo, the gato, and myself went to Muskegon to view Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Overall the movie so far has the “best summer movie of 2006″ title by default. 2006 has been a terrible summer movie season. X3 was just “blah” and nothing on the horizon seems to be that exciting. Personally I’m looking forward to 2007 mostly on the HOPES of seeing a Halo movie and Transformers.


I ended up chilling out a good part of the day away. I washed and waxed my car. It’s times like this I wish I had a camera because it turned out pretty good. From a distance it almost looked like a respectable car. Regardless I sweated MAO for a good couple hours. After that took a shower and apparently attended a wedding reception with the gato. I was exausted but was a good time abit I was a little nervous. The reception had some fantastic mac and cheese and wedding cake. After that I layed around the house watched hours of Mythbusters. For everybody that hasn’t seen it, HERE is the best Mythbusters moment ever. Cement truck getting destroyed….


Finally got a chance to play Mario Kart DS. To be honest it’s a pretty damn fun game. Maybe my favorite of the lot. They have bouncing and drifting and a lot of other fun moves and classic courses. Hopefully everybody with DS’s will pick it up so I can play multiplayer with somebody. Thanks to the gato for a good gift!

I decided to go shopping to drive my clean car and get some suppies. I vacuumed the inside of my car. Headed to Meijers and bought some food and carpet cleaner for my car. Also went to Home Depot and purchased a rake. A wrong turn took me to Bed Bath and Beyond and I purchased a small fan for my desk.

Upon returning home I raked the back yard and watered the grass while sweating MAO and drinking Budweiser. After a cold shower that did nothing but make me more tired my boss at work wanted us to read Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson. Now, I don’t view myself a corporate whore. I go to work I do my job, I try to be better then everybody else and I come home and chat online. While reading the book that is mostly about “changing” all i could think of is conformity. In the forward it listed some criticism of the text and I agreed fully. Some big brohter (much like management at a company) is moving their cheese and by the end of the story the characters in the story just say “I guess I have to change and accept it” and just do it.

I fully understand that “change” is a part of life and one person cannot always make changes or fight higher powers, but the book doesn’t really address fighting change as it’s only about acceping change. For example at work since moving we are not allowed to eat food at our desks anymore. It was something we were able to do at our old office but now it’s not allowed. Eating a bag of chips I don’t think would affect anybody’s performance at work either. It’s a rule change that really makes no sence that nobody agrees with. My co-workers all just seem to accept it and “changed”. Nobody likes this idea but everybody just kinda went along with it. Me being younger and one who doesn’t like authority I really want to step up and say something about this change. Books like “Cheese?” really seem to promote that kind of thinking. Just a few thoughts.


I took PTO for my birthday and I didn’t even sleep in. For breakfast went to a sandwich shop and powered down a meal. After consuming I came back and used that carpet cleaner on my floorboards of my auto. To tell the truth they didn’t turn out that great. The smell is nice and I was able to get a few stains out and remove three year old vomit but still it wasn’t the look I was hoping for. If I apply it again in a month or two it should turn out much better.

Next I showered and rested fielded phone calls and texts wishing me a happy birthday. At the evening I went with the gato to see Superman Returns. Personally it felt like the type of movie that if it wasn’t made the world wouldn’t be any different. I yawned quite a bit and even Kevin Spacey was dull. The action was just “OK” and Lois Lane was a total horrible woman. She lied to everybody and must have bagged this “other guy” like a week after superman left for krypton. I can’t imagine she didn’t know her son was the son of superman. When the movie was over all I could do is feel bad for the “other guy”. Pretty stupid movie…

The biggest story of this trip to the movies was even before the movie started. Since it was my birthday I decided to treat myself to some ice cream. At the theater at the beltline they have a Cold Stone. My moment of weakness of frivolous items kicked in and I decided to wait in line to get over priced ice cream. The main thing to keep in mind here is the Cold Stone is connected to the theater and people are waiting in line in the theater lobby. After spending over $5 on some waffle bowl of overprice-ness I walked towards the broad taking tickets. APPARENTLY you are not allowed to bring Cold Stone “creations” into the theater. I was just irate. With the movie starting in seconds I wasn’t sure what to do. On my birthday I had to throw away my dessert. Quotes from the gato that was mailed to the theater…

“Now, wouldn’t you think that common sense would tell this woman to inform me that Coldstone purchases are not allowed in the theatre? There are NO signs indicating that Coldstone Creamery, though IN THE SAME BUILDING and IN THE SAME LOBBY is considered an “outside purchase” and is not allowed in the theatre. So my memorable event of the evening was spending the ENTIRE NIGHT listening to him bark about how pissed he is about not being able to eat ice cream on his birthday.” 

“If you’re going to keep people from eating the goods they purchased in the lobby of your establishment, at least have the common decency to EDUCATE YOUR CONSUMERS prior to them waiting in line for over 20 minutes for an ice cream cone they have no chance of consuming.”

So mad…

After the movie apparently Grand Rapids got obliterated with rain. The drive back was fun though the monsoon and flood waters. Came home watched the lighting show and then went to bed. For today…..I think I maybe going out for drinks with vanberge.  Sorry this post took so long to get up I’ve been writing it for hours….so ef everybody :-P

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  1. hellokittn says:

    Horrible picture, great weekend though :-D . It’s just shocking to me that we’ll have to settle for such a mediocre movie as a “summer best”… but I guess it happens.

    Have a great day back to work :-*. Try to conform with the rest of the lactose intolerant cheese chasers ;-) .

  2. vanbergs says:

    You have 15 links to wikipedia pages…apparently you enjoy that online resource. Other than that, I am glad you had such a good time with the Gato :-) Fuck Superman, I’ll never see that movie. Your car is probably in much better condition than Tom’s…we ran into a tree and I apparently took a glass shower. Decide on where to eat for your birthday ;-)

  3. bun says:

    HOLA GATO >:-o

  4. Megan says:

    that wasn’t my three year old vomit in your car, was it? :-(

  5. vanlandw says:

    I put the wikipedia links mostly because they are easy and break up the flat looking text. Also I maybe somebody can learn there “you learn something new every day” because of vanlandw.com!

  6. vanlandw says:

    nope goedge..it was another female that will stay nameless. you were a very polite drunkard in my machine….thanks for the birthday card goedge!!!

    still the only one i got ;-)

  7. GunBunnie says:

    Dude…that Stone Cold Creamery thing was BULLSHIT!

    That is a “I want to speak to your supervisor” situation if there ever was one. I know your movie was about to start and all, but what about previews?

    You could also have tried “returning it” to Stone Cold Creamery. Probablly wouldn’t have worked but it doesn’t seem any sillier than not allowing products in the theater that they sell *in* the god damn lobby. And maybe they could have put it on ice until your movie was over.

    Also, what do you go for at the SCC? My trademark is Cake Batter with White Chocolate Chip Mix-ins, although I also like a good Sweet Cream with Oreos. Mmmm…

  8. hellokittn says:

    bun turns his site into a gratuitous shrine to YouTube and he’s issuing yelly faces at gato…

    >:-O right backatcha :-*

  9. Kramer says:

    Happy belated birthday, Vanlandw. Coldstone definitely deserves a yelly face!!!

  10. Megan says:

    Coldstone is not that great. I would much rather eat Ben & Jerry’s. You should have told them to SUCK IT and thrown the ice cream on the floor of the theatre.

  11. Jeff says:

    Both kellokittn and Megan are correct. Rusty should pick it up, and you should have discarded your ice cream on the person who rained on your parade.

  12. vanberge says:

    Now, I’ve taken coldstone into the actual theatre before. I don’t know if what was because the ticket taker was blind and/or stupid. Either way, it was your birthday and that person should have let you take that ice cream into the theather.

  13. vanlandw says:

    I’ve only gone there that one time. I got the chocolate mint brownie stuff.

    Rusty has a job interview and when he has a job interview he takes down his site.

    The theater on Knapp deserves a yelling face just as much as cold stone. Thanks Kramer!

    You are dead right goedge. As gay as DMB is their B&J is the best ice cream ever.

    JJA…again you are right rusty really does need to pick it up. You are also right I should have put up more of a fight i was just taken back by the whole situation. I was looking forward about writing about it as well ;-)

    vanberge….it could be a new policy. an e-mail has been written to the knapp theater and hopefully we will get an explanation on the whole situation.

  14. Kramer says:

    I am also in agreement on the need for Mr. Bun to pick it up.

  15. bun says:

    i will not pick anything up. my site now forwards to my donation page for the humane society fundraiser that im going to walk in w/ my dog cooper. you should all support us and donate! :) (fuck fulljeff)

  16. carol says:

    who is gato?

  17. carol says:

    Didn’t realize your were interested in G6′s. some background…they are made at the Lake Orion-Michigan plant. been there alot lately..want to go?
    also, they are still working out some quality issues, give it another 6-months…. Hope you use the GM-discount

  18. vanlandw says:

    The G6 is my favorite affordable car made by GM. Since i don’t make any money I think the GM discount would help a lot. What kind of issues are they having with the car? I’ve been poking around the web and haven’t heard too many issues with the car other then the manual transmissionl not being that great. I have money saved up but not enough to really afford a new car I feel I need to get a new job before any purchases. I should be home this weekend we can talk about this later ;-)

  19. carol says:

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