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Holy Mother of God – Dark Sector – 2008

The title of the post comes from the last words uttered from our entirely one dimensional somehow infected player cyborg and star of Dark Sector stylishly labeled Hayden Tenno. Tenno is the type of character where his words and personality are completely throwaway but what he’s able to do is whats memorable. He’s reminiscent of Tiger Woods where I don’t care for Mr. Woods as a person but watching him play golf can (was?) be a special thing. Tenno is the same way.

After a point early in the game Tenno obtains the ability to use a  weapon called the Glaive. It’s badass I’m not gonna lie. I found when learning to use Tenno’s abilities his skillset allows the player to formulate small stories in combat. You can battle enemies only using the Glaive being a Czar of the Glaive, or you can play guns blazin using a variation of customizable weapons. If you want to utilize cover and invisibility playing like a silent ghost can be possible. In the end I used a combination of all skills to surprisingly strong results. The game on it’s Normal difficulty is simple fun (I died maybe three times total) minus all it’s shortcomings I’m not going to bother to write about.

After playing Dark Sector how the developers intended I would suggest to play another way.

As a younger man due to the limitations of the medium I would find myself forming my own conclusions on game stories and the characters within those stories.  For example in the early Final Fantasy games your party would be a series of sprites but it’s easy to take that and picture more.  I can’t imagine being the only one in the world with a rampant imagination and video games before the 3D/CGI/FMV/720p age was a huge stimulus for me. In this regard I would suggest to entirely disregard the story Dark Sector is trying to tell. Skip the cut scenes throw it all away. In the end narrative is not one aspect this game excels at. There should be a setting in the options to automatically skip all cut scenes and story sequences.Get lost in the combat and don’t take the game seriously. Do what you want with it.

Minus the Glaive another aspect of the game I appreciated was there is no in game communication telling you were to go or what to do. The game is entirely linear so it’s about impossible to get lost. It’s a nice change of pace not having Dark Sector’s version of Cortana/Anya/Oracle telling you what to do. I’m so sick of playing games and having orders barked to me especially by women. It was a welcome change of pace to say the least.

The 360 allows iPod hookup so blast some metal, get drunk, hell stand on your head and just slaughter your enemies it won’t matter. With skipping the cut scenes this game can be a two sitting play though day rental at most. Dark Sector can be a worthy lightweight weekend escape and can be purchased cheap. I got my copy a few months ago from Newegg for $5 bucks and comes slightly recommended solely because of the Glaive alone. Undecim 1.

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