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Random Inferno Quote Here – Dante’s Inferno – 2010

In my recent series of gaming posts most of them have come rather naturally. After completing a game I’ve been able to have something to convey that was different from what I’ve read or I had strong point of view I wanted to explain. With Dante’s Inferno it’s proving to be hard.

The general consensus of what you will find online in the review community (Gametrailers video review, Metacritic ratings) was exactly how I felt about the game. Anybody who has played God of War or Devil May Cry (or almost any 3D combo action game)  has played Dante’s Inferno already.You climb walls, you walk along rope, you rip people in half, you turn cranks, you button mash to perform epic combos,  you turn on your devil trigger, you obtain new skills though orbs (souls), and so on. The comparisons to God of War are unavoidable and the developers don’t even hide it so why in the hell should I? After doing some research I found the same development team that did Dead Space also did Dante’s Inferno. Dead Space also is a game that borrows many (every?) convention from it’s genre and turned it into a very adult oriented and accessible game that worked well. I would recommend Dead Space over Resident Evil 5 for example. Dante did not turn into a leader but is clearly a pack follower.

The game does start out strong (The Brainy Gamer agrees) but as Dante gets closer to Beatrice’s salvation the final sections are not very inspired and honestly frustrating. As you first decent into Hell you get into the “thick of the shit” quickly accompanied by fantastic artwork and a powerful visceral horror of being in Dante’s own personal Hell. The further you progress it sadly becomes less about what made the game interesting to start and when you finally get to the final trial and boss sections you honestly will just want the game to end.

Sadly the game doesn’t keep track any battle statistics like God of War 3 does. I finished the game on “Zealot” (Normal) as there was no reward for difficulty. Missed three “relics” and one Judas Coin. 860 Achievement Points were earned and I played down the “Unholy” path until that was maxed then I worked on becoming “Holy”. Completed in 13:18:02 units of time.

If a PS2/PS3 is not in reach and you can’t play the classics (DMC1, DMC3, God of War 1/2/3) and you need an action game Dante’s Inferno isn’t the worst game you can play. Undecim 0.

Many thanks again to Vo for letting me borrow the game.

Note: A few nitpicks I wanted to insert here. This game does not have “restart from checkpoint” that proved to be utterly frustrating when trying to attempt the Malebolge trials. There are trials as a player you know you can complete on a first play though and you have to just let yourself die to try again. Also some cutscenes are skippable and some are not. Player beware….

Note 2: I forgot to mention every time you die the game pulls a “Call of Duty” and flashes you some random ass quote from Inferno mocking you for your death.

“I come from a place whither I desire to return. Canto II: Beatrice”

Also, something I wanted to mention as a plus is the game engine. Dante’s Inferno runs at 720p 60 frames a second. Hopefully next generation all games will run at 60FPS as Dante plays well due to this design choice. Both platforms according to Digital Foundry (PS3/360) technically are very similarly.

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  1. vanlandw says:

    I hate linking to content better then mine but I found this review humorous. Clearly they are taking the shit out of the game but I found this anecdote spot on.

    “When your protagonist is harder to sympathize with than the personification of mankind’s greatest fear, there is probably a problem.”


  2. vanlandw says:

    Again I hate linking to content better then mine but his thoughts on the final section of the game are wonderfully written and exactly how the game is. I might add a section to my posts regarding recommended reading that is a good idea actually.

    Another recommended read for anybody interested. His archives are good too….


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